Sunday 22 May 2011

Oskia facial

Content beauty had an Oskia event this Saturday and I was lucky enough to get a place. It was a 1 hour facial and the £50 you payed for it was fully redeemable against oskia products purchased on the day. Personally I think it is a pretty sweet deal.
Oskia is a British natural brand, there main focus is on beauty benefits of msm. The range is aimed at people in there mid twenties to late forties. Being 25 I totally qualify.
I actually have bought micro exfoliating balm and msm supplements from them already and will do a review on them in a few weeks.
Now back to the facial. It was really very nice. Luck would have it that I actually had an irritation on Friday from a product, so I was a little worried coming in. However my skin calmed down so much and just felt really soft after the facial. My skin really liked the products.
Esthetician was absolutely wonderful. She used most of the products from the range: perfect cleanser, exfoliating balm, renaissance mask, daily moisturiser and the eye serum. All them apart from the eye serum have a subtle fragrance of rose and lychee which is just delicious, even my husband commented (and that is a rare thing).
I chose the renaissance mask to take with me. I think the cleanser might have been my first choice, but currently there is a problem with the packaging for the cleanser, the dispenser was getting blocked, so it is unavailable for purchase.
Now me being me I could not resist getting couple of other things while I was there.

I got myself suvana paw paw & honey balm that is just a great multitasker and smells really nice well of honey. And a jade facial roller, I'm not sure what make this one is but I've seen some similar ones on cult beauty they start from £28 I think. It is meant to help keep your skin nice and supple from the massaging and jade has cooling properties or something like that. I can report that jade indeed feels cool on my skin, we'll see about the rest. Oh if you care about that sort of thing paw paw and honey balm is certified organic by ecocert is 100% natural and 98.1% organic. If you want morte informtation you can go to the content website