Monday 3 March 2014

Breaking the rules with RMS

As much as I love finding that super flattering shade of eye shadow or lippy, there is always a part of me that wishes it was a little warmer or cooler, had less sparkle, had a little more sparkle.

The great thing about cream makeup is that it is so easy to blend different colours together, and in my experience RMS is better than most if you want to discover your inner alchemist. The little pots last for ages (I find it very difficult to finish them within the 12 month period, especially since I do like to have different colour choices), and because of that, I don't feel at all wasteful experimenting with them.

There are so many colour variations you could achieve, even with relatively few of these pots. One of my favourite combos is diabolique and beloved, which I have shared previously in this post.

I can't say that every experiment is a success, but the following few have been tried and tested, and are all equally loved by me.

Blend number 1:

I was a little worried before acquiring diabolique, that I would struggle with finishing the pot. It is not my normal choice of colour (trending or not), but it looked so gorgeous and in the end I just couldn't resist (sensing a pattern here, anyone know where I could buy some self control?).

There was really no need for concern, I love how it looks on its own, but I what I love even more is how it transforms some of the other products from the range

The combination of Karma and Diabolique make an exciting burgundy eye liner/shadow, that adds just the right amount of smokiness. If you have ever used the limited edition eye liner in raven from Mac, this is pretty much the colour. My current go to for an easy evening look.

Blend number 2:

I adore super a bright lip, however sometimes you just get tired and fancy something a little different, yet still colourful.

The combination of Sacred and Bloom lip shines is exactly that, a super flattering warm pink that brightens your face, but doesn't exactly scream makeup (was she born with it, or is it RMS?).

Blend number 3:

This was the very first blend I have tried, and yes I have been keeping it a little close to my chest.

Smile and Solar make a beautiful bronzed peach eye shadow, which has become my go to in spring/summer. It really brings out the blue in my eyes and it looks even lovelier when it's sunny.

Blend number 4:

Of course I need a lip colour to match the peachy eyes. Now yes, you could try and find an orangy lipstick, but I do not seek an easy way out.

The combination of Beloved, Moment and a touch of Solar does the trick. The colour comes out as a super glossy muted orange. I haven't used this blend very often so far, but I can imagine it coming in super handy in the summer.

And here is a photo of me wearing Blend number 3 on the eyes and Blend number 4 on my lips.

Now I do think that my collection is rather large, and way more than any one person needs, but if you do have a few different RMS colours, go and experiment, the possibilities are endless.


  1. Love all of these combos! Especially the Karma and Diabolique...simply gorgeous.

    Mayah x

    1. Thank you! I do have a soft spot for diabolique + karma too xx

  2. Nice review...not too greasy or "heavy" at the end of the day?x

    1. I never tried them as blush, but i haven't experienced any oiliness on the eyes or lips. I do have the living luminizer and I never experienced heaviness with it on my face if that helps xx

  3. Karma and Diabolique look amazing together! Does it feel oily or crease on you?

    1. Funnily enough when I mixed the eye colour and the lip colour together they feel less "oily". I never experience any creasing when eye use it like an eyeliner. If I use the rms shadows on the whole lid sometimes they crease a little, but not always, I generally would dust a little rms powder or combine them with kjaer weis if I need to make sure there is no creasing. But I tend to use them closer to lash line most of the time so there is no need.

  4. wow these are GORGEOUS"! xx

  5. Lucky that RMS doesn't crease on your lids, they are beautiful colors. I love your experiments especially the first one, so pretty!!

    1. oh thank you :) It's not that they don't crease at all on me if I were to put it from the pot all over my eyelid, it just depends on the way I use them, I've just been able to find a way that makes the work for me ;)