Wednesday 3 May 2017

Importance of a bathing ritual

You can think of bath time as a way to clean your body, but lets face it, if all you want to do is get clean, shower is a much better and quicker option. I think for most of us, having a bath is a bit of time that we get to ourselves, when we can escape the daily grind, empty our heads and let go of anything negative we have been holding on to.

Having been blessed with a mind that never shuts up, finding ways to relax and unwind has become crucial for my own sanity and happiness of those that are closest to me. I mean no one wants to deal with some one who is on edge 24/7, and being that person is also not fun. In general warm water is very relaxing, the way it makes the body feel so light and eases the tension from the muscles. However, for me to be able to genuinely enjoy having a bath, warm water is just not enough and I become restless in no time. I found that a spa atmosphere is what helps me wind down and recharge the most, so I started to recreate it during bathing. Taking a bath takes a bit of effort anyway, so what is a few extra steps to make it more enjoyable?

There are lots of wonderful bath salts and oils around, I enjoy using them but quite often I will just use plain pink Himalayan salt that I get in bulk (the coarse kind). It is wonderful for both skin and muscles. This salt is high in minerals, which your skin can soak up from the water, and it also helps with removal of toxins from the body.

Just before jumping in, I make a glass of infused water with a few slices of lemon and cucumber. It helps me stay hydrated and lets me enjoy the bath for a little longer. I find the taste really refreshing and yes I do eat the cucumbers once the water runs out (well the lemon too, how could I leave it behind?).

Now that I am ready, it is time to light the candle and enjoy the half hour of peace and quiet.

I really love scented candles when bathing and my latest discovery has been John Masters blood orange and vanilla*. I love the fragrance of JM body lotion in the same scent so I was very curious what the candle would smell like. To my surprise the scent is absolutely identical! One inhale and I'm in heaven. It is so delicious, the mix of the essential oils of blood orange, vanilla and grapefruit somehow reminds me of fudge. When the candle is burning, the scent isn't very strong at all, so even though it is a sweet smell it never becomes sickly. It adds to the atmosphere and really makes it feel like a spa. There is something so hypnotic about a burning candle, I could easily watch it for ages and not be bored. This hand-made candle comes in a reusable recycled glass jar with a twist off top. I really love the look, and it means I can easily store it when it is not being used without worrying about damaging the wick. It burns cleanly, the wick is all cotton and lead free. The candle is made with non-GMO soy wax and the fragrance is from essential oils. The burn time is over 30 hours, and you are advised to burn it for no more than 2-3 hours at a time. My bath takes about 30 minutes, so after about 60 baths I will be needing a new candle!

What is your favourite bathing ritual? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: this post contains Affiliate Links, which means that if you decide to purchase the candle through the link, I will get a small precentage of the money but it has no extra cost to you what so ever. The candle was a PR sample as part of the Love Lula program. As usual, all the opinions are my own, honesta and based on personal experience.