Saturday 9 June 2012

My birthday day

It is that time of year again, it's my birthday! Well it was yesterday but I didn't have time to post.  I love my birthdays, I know not everyone does but i still feel pretty special on the day. It's like my own personal new year, remember the good reflect on the bad and so on.

A friend from work got me this giant cookie from Millie's, I honestly think that they make the best cookies.
My husband took me to William Bray for lunch. This is probably my favourite place at the moment. It is a pub in Shere owned by a former formula one race driver. The food is always really good. The restaurant area is pretty small so it is best to book a table.
Picture above was taken last year (weather was pretty bad yesterday so I didn't take one but it looks exactly the same). The menu is seasonal. I had starter and a main and finished them both (food was so good I couldn't bear leaving anything behind).

For starter I had marinated goat cheese with roast peppers red orange segments on rocket salad.
And for main I had seabass with beetroot and some edible flower.
Both absolutely delicious.For more info about the place and menu: William Bray.

I decided to go for minimal make-up yesterday, here is my birthday face:

Alima pure bronzer in Mauna Loa for a little warmth (it is only about at most 2 shades darker  than my currently untanned face). This has no shimmer so looks really natural however I wouldn't use this shade if I wanted a really bronzed look, this shade is very subtle.
On the lips is ILIA limited edition lip conditioner in Crimson and clover. This shade is a lot more intense than bang bang red.It goes on as a bright red but about an hour later on my lips it turns more clover than crimson and the tint that it leaves behind is pinkish (dark clover pink I would say).
Nails are Priti NYC in red riding hood tulip. Love this shade of red.
I got lipstick and nail varnish from content and bronzer from spirit beauty lounge.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Whole Foods goodies

Since my exams took place in central London I popped into whole foods (it is like a compulsion, every time I'm in central i just have to go through whole foods before hading home). And of course I drifted to the beauty section of the store to pick up some treats.

I was suffering withdrawal from my rose water so simply had to have it, even though I still have to other perfectly good toners, ah the power of habits.

I don't know what it is about travel sizes but I just can't resist them. I've not tried Bentley organic before so hope it's good and if not it is only a small bottle. Salt of the earth deodorant is really good and I like to have a deodorant with me when flying so the small size is really handy.

Now to the fun items. I love Pacifica. Their candles and solid perfumes are really good. I only use solid perfumes during the day in the summer as alcohol based perfumes can react with the sun on your skin. This time I picked up Brazilian mango grapefruit (the smell reminds me of pineapple and pina colada) and Tahitian gardenia (has some similar notes to monoi de tahiti but not quiet the same, if you like monoi its a strong possibility that you will like this). Both are tropical summery scents and they last about four hours.

Another new discovery for me is Copra carrot oil. I think it's a french company judging by the label. I know carrot oil is used to help with tanning, I got it because of the antioxidants and some natural UV protection (it is not an spf substitute though). This is a macerated oil (in the base of sunflower oil) and also has vitamin e. On the bottle is says that it is good for all skin types, suitable for face and body and to apply before sunbathing. I've been using this on my face for the past two weeks as a moisturiser and so far I'm very pleased. I'll give it a few more weeks before I give my final verdict.
I guess I broke my resolution of not buying any more skincare before I run out. I blame whole foods, it makes it so hard to resist new products.