Hey! I'm Tamara (my friends call me Tammy). I live in London and I love it and hate it depending on the day.

I am a freelance writer and illustrator. I absolutely love beauty products and I am incredibly passionate about organic lifestyle. I started this blog in 2011, a few years after setting out on my 'green' journey. A few things changed since then. I am no longer searching for any replacement products for my makeup bag, all the skincare and beauty items that I own are either natural or organic. I still love trying new things, but as I already know what types of products work best for me, my current focus is on quality and sustainability of ingredients. I have a BSc in International Development so I do tend to look at the world through a slightly peculiar lens.

This blog has always been about 'green' beauty and lifestyle. I focus on products that perform, interesting places, events, fashion, books and food (most with an eco twist of course). Beauty to me never really is about just the skincare or makeup, everything  is connected. What we eat, how we feel, what we do, it all shows up on our features. So just the way life is, this blog is... Well a bit about everything really...

If I review a product that has been sent to me, it will be clearly defined as such at the bottom of the post. I will always write an honest review no matter how I got the product.

Blog Schedule: I post on every Wednesday and Friday (but that is not to say that there won't be posts on other days too, but you can expect one on the above days no matter what).

I am very happy to respond to questions, or if you are looking for recomedations you can contact me by email tamara@rainbowfeet.co.uk, or find me on twitter @tamarabrittain.

Please do not use any of the images on this blog without contacting me.