Saturday 18 June 2011

Riding Echo

Today I had my first horse riding lesson. Well maybe riding isn't the right word, more like slowly walking.
I was lucky enough to ride Echo. He is such a beautiful horse.

I was terrified! I am a bit scared of height and when Echo took his first steps I really thought that I was going to end up on the floor. With help from my trainers I managed to relax a bit. Echo and  I circled the grounds a few times. I learnt how to let him know when to turn and when to stop. Once I mastered my fear it was a wonderful experience.
After the lesson we went to see some other horses. I think Teddy is just the cutest. They teach 6 year olds on him because he is so small.

I also checked in on Blossom. She was the first horse I met the first time I visited the stables.

I had a great time and can't wait till my next lesson.

Thursday 16 June 2011

BM Beauty

I came across BM Beauty when I was making an order from Love the Planet. This is a new mineral make-up line co-founded by Kimberly Wyatt (ex pussy cat doll) and Laura McComiskie (owner of Love the planet). Now i have not had any luck with mineral make-up so far. I tried bare escentuals, inika and lily lolo and they all made me itchy. I thought I'd give this brand a go and if it doesn't suit i might just give up on mineral powders.
The BM beauty range is free from bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano particles and synthetic dyes and fragrances.
I purchased three tester samples of foundation (at £1.25 each) in stripped, honey mist and naked. I have pale skin with yellow undertones and some pinkiness on my cheeks, so will see which one of these will be best.
I also ordered a lip gloss in cherry bomb.

There are five colours in BM Beauty lip glosses. Two are sheer with a hint of colour and the rest are pigmented. Cherry bomb is the one with just the hint of colour. It looks very red in the tube but on the lips it is almost clear so I think it would suit everyone.

 I love the texture (reminds me of Lancome juicy jelly). Not at all sticky, makes lips look plump and shiny (no glitter). If there is a fragrance to it I couldn't really smell it. I really like it as a day time product. Just don't expect it to be high impact it isn't. I will be definitely purchasing other colours (corsage and maybe indian summer).
Have you guys tried BM beauty foundation? Any luck with mineral make-up in general?

Wednesday 8 June 2011

It's my birthday!

So yeah it's my birthday today and I have exams which means no real celebrations until after. But my hubby got me an awesome present and had a really nice surprise for me.
He took me to the Silvemere stables and I got to meet some gorgeous horses. That was amazing! And then we had lunch at a bistro. I forgot to take my camera so no pictures.
Now to my present. It is a yoga mat from holistic silk. I have been eyeing them up for almost 2 years now but could never justify spending that much money. Mine is blue (which happens to be my favourite colour) on the outside and the inside is creamy-white fleece. It is just so pretty and smells of lavender.

For more info

Some of my internet orders arrived today and that was extra nice as I won't be getting most of my presents until later this week. I got a 5 piece kit from eco tools and it came with 2 bonus brushes which was a pleasant surprise.

I love eco tools brushes (I have a few besides these). They are super soft, easy to clean and great for travel.
The only negative is that they are better with loose powders than with pressed powders.                              
On the weekend I saw that content beauty started stocking Tata Harper. I was curious about the brand ever since I saw it in the American edition of Marie Clare. I ordered the trial kit and it arrived today. Travel kit includes moisturising floral essence, serum, eye cream, rebuilding moisturiser, resurfacing mask, regenerating cleanser, body oil and replenishing nutrient complex. It came packaged in a pretty velvet like green pouch.

I'm really looking forward to trying it out. You can find more info on the products and their ingredients at content

Despite being so low-key I think it has been one of the nicest birthdays.