Tuesday 30 July 2013

Kjaer Weis Essential duo No.1 review

I feel like it has taken me forever and a day to get something from Kjaer Weis. The reason being is my indecisiveness. I kept trying to figure out what colour I want, do I want another bright one, or maybe a plum, should I get an eye shadow..... Finally I decided that I want a lip tint and an eye shadow, so buying a duo would save a couple of quid and I chose essential duo No.3, but bought essential duo No.1.

When it comes to make-up subtle colours are rarely my thing, I would just normally choose to go without make-up. However, after trying some Vapour samples (review soon to come), I have discovered the beauty of understated colours and fancied a change.

Eye shadow 'Cloud Nine'. I find the name is very appropriate, as this shadow is a dream to use.

When I swatch it on my hand, it looks pretty much identical to my skin tone, with a bit of a pearl effect (I can't really call this shimmer but I guess it is, the particles are so fine however, that it looks a little iridescent but not metallic).

 Most people won't realise that you have make-up on with this shade (tested on my husband), what it does, is give you that bright eyed and bushy tailed look, it makes your eyes look less tired instantly. It would make a pretty highlighter for darker skin tones.

I am very impressed with the light texture of this powder, also I have not noticed any creasing. It works wonderfully as a base, or if you feel odd having eyeliner on without shadow, 'Cloud nine' is perfect.

Lip tint 'Passionate'. This has a texture of a tinted lip balm and looks slightly see through on the lips. The colour is a muted rose hip red.

 If you always wanted a red lip but don't feel comfortable wearing one, this shade would be perfect, as it gives just enough colour without being super bright.

It smells like castor oil to me (which is one of the ingredients), I don't detect any added fragrance. It lasts well as long as you don't eat or drink (or smooch), you will need to reapply after those activities.

The set also came with a little cloth (I am guessing so I can wipe of the fingerprints, that I  will inevitably leave behind on the pretty, reflective cases). The packaging that the set came in looks very smart, but I wasn't expecting it to be so big as it only has the two products...

Compacts themselves feel weighty (I am guessing due to the metallic casings and magnets), rather unusual after years of plastic packaging, makes them feel more solid, which I like.

The initial cost of these products is high, but the refills are much more reasonable and that is what I will be getting in the future. If you are not bothered about having the pretty packaging and already have a pallet that could house these, go ahead and get the refills, the products themselves are of very high quality.

I am so pleased with this set and already have my eye on a few other colours, but if I could only have the one product: lip tint or the eye shadow, I would choose the eye shadow, it is that good!

Monday 29 July 2013

Why I am excited that Kora organics is on Net-a-Porter

About three years ago, before I knew what ingredients where causing me sensitivities, and after trying every natural brand I could get my hands on in UK, I came across a newly launched brand Kora organics. The line is centred around the skin benefits of Noni fruit.

Feeling like I didn't have much to loose, I made an order for two different face creams and a cream cleanser. I sort of did everything backwards then, I made my order first and researched the brand while I was waiting for my goodies to arrive.

At the time I did not know anything about Miranda Kerr, but looking at the videos where she was talking about her products and reading her posts on the Kora blog, I became more and more impressed.

The products that I ordered arrived beautifully packaged. I absolutely loved the cream cleanser (the first cream cleanser that I actually liked). The great thing about it, was that I could wash it off without needing to use a muslin cloth, it rinsed cleanly, no residue, just super clean soft skin.

Out of the two face creams only one suited my skin. Purify day and night cream, that was designed for my skin type just did not agree with me, for whatever reason, however I ended up using it as a wipe off cleanser and it worked brilliantly for that. The Soothing day and night cream (which I got on a whim) worked great for the colder weather, made my skin feel super soft, I don't believe that I used a face cream that agreed with me better after that one.

With my second order I decided to treat myself to some new products including a face scrub, tinted moisturiser and a foaming cleanser. In the end I realised that I much preferred the cream cleanser to the foaming one. The exfoliating cream was wonderful for use in the shower, it is a physical exfoliator but a really gentle one made with oats and bamboo.

Tinted moisturiser was a little dark by itself, I mixed it with the soothing day and night cream, or Oskia get up and glow in the summer. You couldn't tell that I was wearing anything and I received numerous complements about my complexion (my skin was anything but great at the time, since I was struggling with rashes and sensitivities, mainly caused by jojoba, but I wasn't aware at the time).

In the end the shipping plus imports charges was the reason why I stopped ordering (and once I figured out what ingredients to avoid, it became easier to find products at home). But having found other good skincare lines doesn't mean that I don't miss Kora. The line has grown since I last used it (and also changed the packaging twice). It is a bit like getting reconnected with an old friend and finding out all the new things about them.

Net-a-porter has only 4 products from the line at the moment, but I am hoping that they will be getting more soon. In the meantime I will be getting one of the masks from them (I haven't decided if I want purifying or hydrating mask), as soon as I free up some space on my bathroom shelf.

All in all skincare is a business, and we often don't know who is behind the concoctions we use, and every so often there is a face of the company. I happen to think that Miranda Kerr is an inspirational one. With one of my orders I got her book "Treasure yourself". It is not normally a type of book that I go for, but I am glad that I did.

I wanted to share one of my favourite affirmations from it.

Here is a link if you want a bit more information about Kora organics.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Ilia Beauty limited edition

It is no secret that I am a little obsessed with Ilia lipsticks, the colours and the quality of them are just so much more than I ever expected from a "natural' brand.

Last year Ilia introduced their first limited edition colours: In paradise, Crimson and clover, and after a little while Voila. The problem with limited edition products for me is that sometimes I like them more than the main collection.

The problem with Ilia is that I can't possibly choose just the one colour as a favourite, I sort of like them equally but for different occasions. And I absolutely did fall in love with those three limited edition ones. That is why I am so super excited that Ilia brought them back this year!

Crimson and clover. I have mentioned this one before in some of my posts. It is one of the tinted balms, but the colour itself is more intense than Bang Bang and the tint that it leaves behind is a gorgeous clover pink (the name describes this shade perfectly). It is one of the most unusual lip colours that I have come across and it really speaks to the chameleon within me. As with the other tinted lip conditioners, it is moisturising and the tint lasts even after eating or drinking.

Voila. One of my go to summer colours. It falls somewhere between orange and tomato red. This one is a lipstick, so it is more pigmented then the lip conditioner. Looks gorgeous with or without a tan, it is one of those colours that doesn't really require eye makeup. Great paired up with Ilia Sway bronzer.

In paradise. Every so often I get a little tired of bright lips (yeah that happens), then this is the colour I go for. It is a tinted lip conditioner so it leaves a bit of a stain behind that lasts most of the day. The colour is a combination of peachy pink nude, the stain is a little more on the pink side. I got this colour because I liked the name (I know not the best reason to choose a lipstick), however it ended up being the most flattering muted shade of lipstick that I have ever owned.

All three colours are available on the Ilia website. In paradise is also available on naturisimo. Voila and Crimson and clover are available on Net-a-porter.

Thursday 25 July 2013

La Bella Figura mini haul and perfume review

I have wanted to try La Bella Figura products for a long time, I was all set to wait for the line to be available in UK (which will be happening this fall). But then they had a little promotion (because of the 4th of July), and well impatience won over, and I treated myself to a mini kit and a sample of Barcelona perfume.

I was planning on getting the Barbary fig oil, but then I wanted to try the renewal serum as well, in the end a selection of products seemed like a better idea (plus how cute is the little bag that comes with the kit!).

In the kit:
1/8 oz. Barbary Fig Renewal Serum
1/8 oz. Barbary Fig Seed Oil
1/8 oz. Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum
0.25 oz. Rainforest Hydration Treatment

I have a bit of a collection of skincare that needs using up, so I will not be trying these out for a little while yet (but it is super hard to resist opening them).

Barcelona perfume. This fragrance is playful, full of life and excitement. Who knew that a fruity scent could be so sexy? This citrus definitely has some spice. I have not been to Barcelona, yet when I put this perfume on, all I want to do is hop on a plane and explore a city that inspired this wonderful scent.

Keeping in mind that fragrances last differently depending on body chemistry, this one stays with me for about 2 hours. I notice that citrus fragrances in general don't last as long as floral ones.
I think it is great for day and night as it isn't a heavy perfume, but it has beautiful warm, spicy notes that are perfect for a summer evening.

Istanbul perfume ( I believe this one isn't out yet). This was a little extra that was included with my parcel because of the 4th July celebration. 

I am super picky when it comes to perfume (always have been, even before going green it was a bit of a quest to find something I liked). I always wanted something that was light not cloying or heavy, that was a little spicy, a little sweet yet smelled like real flowers, not that weird perfume smell that so many fragrances seem to share. Now you can see why it is a little hard to find something that fits all the criteria.

Honestly, for the first time since going green I have found such a scent ( and to think that it wasn't even something that I consciously chose!).

This is one sultry perfume, think of a veiled belly dancer keeping secrets and seducing you at the same time with the sway of her hips, promises of even more exciting things to come.

On the first sniff it reminds me of lilacs in bloom, than I get a hint of lily or orchid. All the notes intermingled really do make something special. 

This fragrance manages to be super seductive with a hint of innocence and freshness.

It lasts for about 4 hours on me. 

There should be a UK stockist of La Bella Figura this fall, and you bet this perfume will be the first thing I purchase.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

de Mamiel Summer oil preview

If you have read my Heat wave skincare post and was wondering about the mystery oil in the picture, well you guessed it: it is Summer blend by Annee de Mamiel.

Now I have been using this oil for only just over a week (that is why I am doing a preview rather than a review), but so far I think this is the best blend for summer skin that I have come across, and as de Mamiel change their blends each season, I wanted to give it a mention before summer is over.

First of all I use this only at night, as it has been rather hot, and also this oil contains lemon essential oil (although it is the last ingredient, it might be ok for day time use, if it is a very small amount) so I am being a little cautious. This has so many amazing sounding ingredients, a few that caught my eye are prickly pear (It is full of vitamin E and minerals), rosehip for the usual sun exposure and antiaging benefits, kiwi which is supposed to be great for regulating oily skin (let's face it, most of us get oilier skin in summer).

This oil has an unusual scent, the best way I can describe it is as "green". Like when you go to a spa treatment room and it has a mixture of massage oils in the air, and you immediately feel calm and relaxed, this is how this oil smells.

At first I thought that is was a little on the heavier side of oils that I normally use, but it seems to have a remarkable affinity with my skin. If you follow the instructions of using 4-5 drops (I use 4) for face and neck, massaging until the oil gets absorbed, it takes about a minute. There is no residue and skin feels so soft (yes I confess to stroking my face after using it).

The next morning my skin looks fresh and balanced. Normally if a product doesn't suit me I get a reaction after 2-3 uses (sometimes immediately). So far I have only good things to say, I think my skin has become more balanced since I started using this ( the heat wave, although welcome by me, was making my skin a bit more sensitive and oily).

I can't really talk about long term benefits, as I haven't been using this oil for a long enough period of time. It does complement my routine perfectly and I wish I had it at the beginning of the summer, I think it would've helped my skin to transition into the warmer weather.

oenothera biennis (evening primrose) oil*, rosa canina (rosehip) seed oil**,actinidia chinensis (kiwi seed oil)**, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil* adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil**,  calendula officinalis helianthus annuus (calendula) oil*,opuntia ficus indica (prickly pear) oil*, punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil*, pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil*, Pelargonium graveolens roseum (geranium) oil*, avena sativa,rosmarinus officinalis (arctic oat) extract*, rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary)*, hippophae rhamnoides (seabuckthorn pulp co2 extract), rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary antioxidant), thymus vulgaris ct  linalol (thyme) oil*, jasminium sambac (jasmine sambac) oil¸ litsea cubeba (may chang) oil*, mentha x piperita (peppermint)*, citrus limon (lemon) oil*

The 20 ml bottle is meant to last for 3 months (the summer season is defined to be from 21 of June to September 20th). I will do an update post once I have been using this for a month.

You can buy this oil directly from de Mamiel website, Cult beauty, Being content or Victoria Health.

Monday 15 July 2013

S.W. Basics skincare review

After accidentally using a face wash that was past it, I had a major irritation. And in my usual panic I ordered a bunch of new skincare. One of these was a travel kit from S.W. Basics.

As it turned out, my skin went back to normal before any of the products arrived . Regardless, if it wasn't for that incident, I probably would not have tried this very simple line of beautiful products.

I enjoyed everything in the kit, however when I was running out of toner, I knew I had to reorder and choose what I want carefully. This is a review of the products that I have repurchased.

Exfoliant. I don't generally think of my skin as sensitive, but I guess it is. It just is sensitive to most things that are for sensitive skin, and not to some products that sensitive types should stay away from. Generally most exfoliators don't cause a reaction, but I personally think that a gentle product is best long term.

This particular one, is probably the gentlest exfoliator that I have ever come across. After I use it, my skin doesn't look flushed ( which is pretty much a given for me with any scrub). It just looks more even toned and feels smooth. It doesn't feel squeaky clean or stripped of oils.

It has only 3 ingredients (sea salt, almond flour, oat flour) and smells predominantly of oatmeal as there is no added fragrance.

Toner. This has become my most used product and one that I would not want to be without. It seems to balance my skin, even out the skin tone, and generally makes it more normal rather than what it is (oily and somewhat sensitive).

It does smell like apple cider vinegar (one of only 5 ingredients) but I would say it is not as strong as when you put some vinegar in your salad.

When I had the travel bottle I used to spray it on, with the top and pour bottle I am using a cotton ball, I would say both way work equally well. The small bottle lasted me a month with mostly twice a day use (very occasionally only in the evenings), so you can expect a full size bottle to last about 4 months.

Cream. This truly is goodness in a jar. It has a texture of butter, super soft, melts right into your skin. I only need a tiny amount (less than a pea sized blob) for my face. Skin feels ridiculously soft after it. I have used this both day and night and for spring/summer weather I prefer it for night time use. I think come winter this will be my go to product for both morning and evening.

Instead of getting a full sized cream, I got another small jar. I don't want to be left without this gorgeous product, but after using it once nightly for more than a month, it is still about 3/4 full, and as my skin doesn't like a lot of moisturising products in the summer, there is simply no point having such a large pot for me, it will just go off. I am so grateful  that S.W. basics have travel sizes, makes it perfect for what my skin needs. However if you want to use it for both face and body, then the bigger jar is the way to go.

The cream smells just like raw shea butter, and even though I wasn't a fan in the past, I am totally converted. Ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil.

This is a no nonsense skincare line that really works, as they use only a few ingredients in each product, it is really easy to figure out if your skin reacts to something. I will be reordering once again when my toner runs out (other products last longer) and will be getting the face wash  (and maybe a few lip balms, hoping to run out of the ones I have by then). Honestly if this line was available in UK I would probably own every product they make by now, I like them that much!

Update: You can actually get this brand in UK from here. Thank you Sarah from sugarpuffish !

Sunday 14 July 2013

Heat wave skincare

So London has been experiencing a bit of a heat wave in the past two weeks, which means that I had to adjust my already simplified summer routine.

Morning routine:

I alternate between washing my face with water and manuka honey. The honey I have is from Comvita and comes in a tube. With this heat I can't get away with just washing my face with water every day as my skin would become way to oily and clogged, honey is a really gentle cleanser that balances the skin without drying it out.

After cleansing I am using Pai rosemary and rice plant toner. This toner is really gentle, it works so well with my skin. It helps with your skins natural moisture levels and I use it as a liquid moisturiser (my skin is not tolerating any creams at the moment anyway).

That is it! My whole morning routine, if I am spending a day in the sun I will use spf, I talked about suncare that I use in this post.

Evening routine:

Now this is a little more complicated. If I had no make-up and no sunscreen on, I will just use honey as a cleanser, followed by Pai toner (this happens about 2-3 times a week).

The rest of the time my routine is as follows:

1. Massage coconut oil into my face ( at the moment I am using Essence of Eden and am very impressed with the quality of this oil)
2. Mix May Lindstrom Clean Dirt with water in my hand, and apply to my face (on top of the coconut oil that is already there), wash it all off
3. Wipe my face with S.W. Basics toner
4. Apply some light oil  to face and neck.

Now I have been going between a few oil samples and have just recently purchased a new facial oil, as I haven't been using it for a very long period of time, I will let it be a mystery for a little while. If you are thinking of adjusting your routine and want to use an oil at night, I would strongly suggest using something that is quiet light (so it won't clog your pores in this heat) and full of antioxidants to help regenerate your skin after sun exposure.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Juice Beauty: Alicia Silverstone Purely Kissable Lip colour

I am going through a little bit of a make-up identity crises (no need to panic, it happens every once in a while). I just fancied a bit of a change from all the bright colours I have been using (well I am still using them, just wanted a more neutral alternative for some of the days).

Browsing on Naturisimo, I spotted the Alicia Silverstone Purely Kissable lip colour. I am not normally one for celebrity make-up lines (and I haven't used anything by Juice beauty), but it looked like a perfect nude pink, and for once the online photo was pretty much identical to what it looks like in real life.

When I opened the outer box I was like, why did they put a box inside a box? And then I remembered, that the outer casing of the lipstick is made out of carton (the twisting mechanism is plastic), I think that is very cool.

They describe this shade as "universal shade of pink that flatters all skin tones". I am not sure that such a shade exists, but I can see how this would be flattering on a lot of people. It most definitely looks great with my pail, slightly olive skin (and not many pink nudes do).

The formula itself is nicely hydrating, aroma is pleasant (mildly fruity but it is not a strong scent). It has a nice amount of pigment to it and looks slightly glossy (like Ilia tinted balms). It does make my lips tingle slightly when first applied.

A great colour for daytime or to pair up with smoky eyes.

You would need to reapply after eating or drinking.

Overall I am very impressed and would repurchase, there is also a highlighter in this range that caught my eye, if it is as good as this lippy I am sold.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Lina Hanson Global Body Serum review

I don't have particularly dry skin and my body care regime is pretty lax. But something about summer makes me want to get a body oil. They just make me feel like I am indulging in a spa ritual.

I have been waiting for Lina Hanson Global Body Serum to reach UK for a little while (well ever since the announcement that there was a body oil in the works). I don't normally buy expensive body products, but I think that it is OK, once in a while, to spend as much on my body as I do on my face (I want to look good in my shorts as long as possible).

I tend to moisturise mainly my legs and arms once or twice a week. I will also use a body oil and aloe vera mix after spending a day in the sun, or if I went swimming.

I really like the texture of this serum, it feels heavy enough to spread easily, yet it sinks in well and doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind.

I only need 2-3 pumps per leg and about 1-2 pumps per arm,  so 100ml would last a fairly long time. Packaging is almost identical to the face serum, it is just a bigger bottle.

Now to the scent, I normally associate vanilla with teenagers (do not ask me why, I just do) this however is more of a "grownup vanilla". It is fairly sweet, but it isn't very strong and that makes it more subtle, I think it is more playful than sexy. It reminds me a little of Tsi-la Flori D'arancio perfume.

The blend of oils in this serum is pretty impressive, with moisturising and antioxidant benefits. I also find it to be a really good oil for the neck and bust area.

Scents last differently on people, but I find that this one doesn't linger on me (which I kind of prefer, I like to have a boost of fragrance while I am using a product, but I don't necessarily want to be smelling myself all day).

Overall I think this oil is a wonderful, slightly decadent summer treat

Monday 8 July 2013

Skincare during cancer treatment: Interview with Jennifer Young

More and more people are switching to natural and organic beauty products because they want to use safer ingredients. Yet if you are going through chemo therapy even natural/organic products might not be suitable.

This is a two part interview with Jennifer Young, creator of Defiant Beauty skincare, designed for those affected by cancer.

                                                            Photo courtesy of Jennifer Young

Q:   What has inspired you to create a range specifically for people going through cancer treatment?

A: I was asked to create the range. I met a lady who was working to set up a beauty salon and wig dressers on my local chemo ward. They had been looking for a skincare range to help their clients to deal with the skin issues that result from some chemotherapy regimens and they couldn't find one.
The nurse team have very strict rules about ‘permitted ingredients’ and they won’t allow skincare products for cancer patients that don’t comply with their rules to be sold from the salon on their chemo ward.
At the time I was developing our bespoke skincare range so could (and still can) create something to help to alleviate the symptoms of chemo skin. I met with the lead nurse team from the chemo and radiotherapy wards and they detailed the ingredients that they wouldn’t allow to be in products. I met with some patients and some women that had completed their treatment and got a really clear idea of the kind of product that they needed. I was severely restricted in the type of ingredients that I could use (see below) and, as I make natural skincare, that restricted me further.
I always encourage our clients to ask us for products that they think we should have as we can usually help.

 Q: What would be the best skin care regime to follow and which ingredients are best avoided?

A: Starting with the positive, the same regime as would be suggested to all women wanting to look after their skin – cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise. I have deliberately left out exfoliating as skin can be very sore as a result of treatment and it is best not to do anything harsh to it. As cancer patients find fragrances difficult to deal with during treatment we don’t offer a toner, we suggest splashing the face with water after using a cleansing balm.
Ingredients to avoid are many and varied. This is quite technical so I have separated each category.

Creams and Lotions
Creams and Lotions contain water; they are a mix of oils and water. As these two do not mix naturally and can be a breeding ground for bugs and moulds, many other ingredients such as emulsifiers, pH adjusters, softeners and preservatives have to be added. This means that creams, lotions and any other products that contain water have to have many ingredients.These extras can be ‘natural’ ie derived from plants and are often lovely but the high number of ingredients means that there are extra things that the very sensitive skin of cancer patients can react to. It is for this reason that we don’t have any water based products in the Defiant Beauty Range.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Young

In addition, chemo skin is very dry, oil and butter based products are far more moisturising than a cream or lotion that can be mostly water.
It is very important to avoid phyto-oestrogens (oestrogens that come from plants) when going through treatment for cancer. Phyto-oestrogens, or plant oestrogens, are naturally occurring chemicals that have a structure similar to the female hormone oestrogen. Oils such as borage, avocado, evening primrose and soy are plant oestrogens. Aloe is another natural source of oestrogens
We do not include these oils in our Defiant Beauty as some cancers, particularly breast cancer, are oestrogen positive. About 7 out of 10 breast cancers are oestrogen positive. They contain receptors that allow proteins or hormones to attach to the cancer cells. The hormones cause the cancer cells to grow and divide, resulting in tumour growth. The nurses I worked with described the oestrogens as food for the cancer – no way are they going into my products.
Essential Oils
As I have said, cancer patients can be very sensitive to smell. It is impossible to predict which smells will cause offence and it was for that reason that the oncology nurses asked me to make fragrance-free products.
There is much more to essential oils than we have space for here but, in summary, some essential oils should never be included in products for cancer patients and some are wonderful, providing that they can be tolerated.
Cancer patients are often advised to avoid all vitamin supplements whilst they are going through chemotherapy. The reasons for this are based in biochemistry.Vitamins such as C, E and A are anti-oxidants commonly found in skincare products (as anti-oxidants slow the aging process). We avoid adding them to our products at levels that would be utilised by the skin. We add Vitamin E to Defiant Beauty at a level that will stabilise the oils (prevent them from becoming rancid) but will do no more.

 Q:  One of the biggest appearance changes that I personally associate with cancer is hair loss, is there any way to avoid it?
A: Yes, and many women don’t know and aren’t told. Cooling caps are proven to reduce hair loss in some cases if used at the time of chemotherapy. Cooling caps are a medical device and must be provided by a medical team, be they at home via a private medical provider or by the NHS.
Chemotherapy can also result in nail damage and cooling the nail bed can reduce the damage. Moisturising the nails can also reduce the impact of chemotherapy on the nails.
Q: Are there any simple at home recipes that people could use to make their skin less sensitive?
A: This is the most difficult question. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when recommending products for cancer patients. Skin becomes sensitive as a result of the chemo treatment and as such, could be considered a good sign. If skin were to stop being sensitive patients may begin to worry. It is our approach to accept the sensitivity and create products that patients are less likely to react to (we make no promises as all are unique and react differently to different ingredients). We also aim to soothe the sensitivity, soreness and itchy skin by including ingredients associated with healing as well as those considered suitable for sensitive skin.
If your readers want to try something at home, they could experiment with the nut oils available in the oils section at the supermarket. Nut oils are known for their anti-aging properties and many are heavy moisturising oils. The only oil that I would avoid is peanut oil. Generally, the more expensive the oil, the better it will be.
In the second part of the interview we will be talking make-up. In the meantime, here are a few links if you are looking for more information regarding skincare.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Green people limited edition bronzer and eyeshadow

It is no secret that I prefer pressed powders and bright colours when it comes to makeup. It is not something that has been easy to find in the organic and natural ranges, but I think the tide is changing.

Last year green people has introduced a limited edition eyeshadow and bronzer, to my delight these products are available this summer too.

Limited edition Gold shimmer bronzer.
The marble effect was the main reason why I purchased this product.

 In general I prefer my bronzers to be matt but occasionally I come across some shimmery ones that I fall in love with. This is one such bronzer. I tend to do a very light sweep in a number 3 shape, with a large brush and then a few further swipes over my cheekbones. If it is a cloudy day or indoors with subdued lighting the shimmer is not very obvious, but if it is sunny or bright lights it looks super shimmery, even though the shimmer particles are fairly small.

 The colour is a gorgeous golden brown, very close to the shade of my natural tan. It works great as an eyeshadow, you can use gold and brown veins of the bronzer separately with a small brush.

Due to the amount of shimmer I would only use this on the areas that you want highlighted and not all over. Just to test it out I did wear it on a hot day (28C) and it lasted all day without fading as you would expect from a powder product.

I think it is most suitable for light to medium skintones and maybe as a highlighter for darker skintones, however if you are very fair or very dark it might not be for you.

Limited edition eco eye trio. These are metallic shadows with a pearl rather than glitter effect.

Colours are absolutely gorgeous for summer: azure is an aqua blue, burnt orange looks like a coppery orange and dark blue that they describe as a sparkling midnight blue. Staying power is very impressive I had them on for 8 hours on a hot day and did not notice any fading, most importantly they did not irritate my eyes.

I absolutely love trios as you can create so many different looks with them, colours in this one complement each other really well. I was really impressed with the quality of these eyshadows.

Both compacts have removable pans so you can pop them in into a customized pallet very easily.

Monday 1 July 2013

Loving (and not so much) right now

Summer is my favourite time of the year, everything seems bright and there is a sence of adventure. There some things that have been making it extra special.


Chinti and Parker t-shirts awesome for layering in ever changing britsh weather; ilia lip crayon in karma chameleon my go to colour this season; honores des pres perfume samples the best perfumes I have come across in a while, saving for a full size; badger cheerful mind this balm smells like summer; pai rice plant and rosemary toner this is replacing moisturiser for me at the moment; s.w. basics exfoliant super gentle yet effective; badger muscle rub has been a life saver plus I really like the scent; summer cocktails; playing monopoly with my hubby

And some things I'm not enjoying...

body shop mango body mist not sure what I was thinking when I got this as the scent seems overly sweet and slightly chemical when I use it; studio 78 mascara major panda eyes, plus it really irritated my eyes towards the end of the day, well at least it was free...