Friday 23 March 2012

The sun is out! So is my summer make-up

Well the weather is definitely changing for the better, so please excuse my excitement. i know it isn't summer yet however i feel like the sunshine outside my window justifies brightening up of my make up routine. I love coral blush and lipstick and bright eye shadow! In fact if lived somewhere like LA I probably would wear it all year round. Alas, sadly I do not so I follow the rules duller make-up for the winter, more fun stuff for the summer... Well more like spring. I find that if it is really hot in the summer I tend to just use tinted lip products and a bit of powder. So spring is a perfect time to play around with make-up, the sunlight is flattering and none of that tropical hit that could turn your perfectly made up face into a melting mess.
The reason for this post is actually one of Becca's palettes. Now it is not a new product it just happens to be my favourite. Becca Bombora palette was originally meant to be a limited edition item. At list that is how it was advertised the first time I bought it 3 years ago. But then last year I spotted it on their website and it is there still. Needles to say I had to have it.
The palette consists of two compact eyeliners (turquoise and yellow), lip & cheek creme (coral), highlighting creme (gold) and lip gloss (sheer peach). Personally i think this is one of the best put together palettes out there. Colours complement each other perfectly, every single one is usable and if you truly have left your make up bag behind and only have just this, you can still create a good look.

Let's take each one in turn.
Eyeliners: if I'm honest I tend to use these like eyeshadow. Colours are true to pan. If you mix the two together they become green just as expected from blue and yellow combo. However they do fade after about half hour to an hour to a more subtle version. Personally it doesn't bother me as I am all about subtlety these day but if you wanted something really intense you will not get it from these, not unless you reapply frequently.
Lip & cheek: you only need a little bit. Staying power is very good ( lasts all day on me and tend to be oily during spring/summer). The peachy-pink coral is super flattering and I love the consistency.
lip-gloss: pretty colour. Good consistency. Nothing extraordinary just a quality product.
highlighter: now this is something special. I find that most creme highlighters I just don't like, they are either too liquidy, too greasy or to glittery. For me this one is a perfect combo of sparkle and pearle. I tend to use it in the inner corner of the eyes and rarely on cheek bones.
To sum up here is a look that I did on my sister (the picture is from last summer but the product didn't change).

I used the yellow eyeliner on the whole lid, turquoise on the outer corner of the bottom lash line, highlighter in the inner corner and the lip gloss on the lips. I didn't use the blush here and I also used one product not from this palette, a brown pencil along the outer corner of the upper lash line.
If you are interested in this palette it's price has been currently lowered to £27.50 ( I'm guessing they won't be bringing it back next year) and here is the link:

What are your favourite make-up products that you turn to every spring/summer?