Sunday 26 January 2014

Time for a cup of tea

I have lost track of how many cups of tea I have consumed this winter, most of them just to keep warm. However the blend I am talking about today is rather special, and is not something I drink everyday.

De Mamiel Beauty Tisane.

This Beauty Tisane comes in a pretty, dark glass jar, and if you decide to get it as a present for someone you really can't beat the presentation. I really like seeing all the flowers and herbs mixed together when you open the lid, and you get hit with that wonderful woodsy, slightly sweet aroma.

This is one of those blends that is good for body and mind. A word of warning, it doesn't have a very strong taste. I would describe it as delicate and clean, faintly floral. If I am pushed I can detect a hint of rose and a hint of chamomile. The reason why I like this tea (or should I say herbal infusion?), is not because of how it tastes, but for the effects that it has on me.

Midway through the cup my mind feels so clear, like all the fog from my thoughts has lifted. Yet I don't feel restless or anxious to keep moving, the way I do after having coffee. I feel grounded, and levelheaded, completely balanced.

My body feels slightly more rested, less lethargic I would say. And it might be in my head, but when I have this tea more frequently I notice the difference in my skin. It looks better hydrated and the puffiness that I occasionally get around my eyes goes away (the reason I know that its from the tea is because I have been slacking in the eye treatment department for the last few months).

The blend itself consists off pretty awesome flowers and herbs like Marshmallow leaf, marigold, lemon verbena, jasmine and rose amongst others (known for their anti-inflammatory, aiding digestion and relieving anxiety properties).

You need a heaped tea spoon per cup infused for about 8-10 minutes. The jar itself is fairly small 15g (compared to 50g that other De Mamiel teas hold for the same price) and that is the main reason why have it less frequently, despite noticing a huge improvement in both my mood and appearance.

The tea is made with 100% organic herbs and flowers, chosen for their purity and harvested by hand.

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