Thursday 12 June 2014

The Summer edit: body oils

My summer wardrobe is drastically different from what I wear the rest of the year. Shorts and t-shirts (well maybe a sundress) are a staple for daytime. Of course it also means that skin, that has not seen the light of day in eons, is suddenly completely exposed, with only a layer of sunscreen for protection. Even a sunscreen with high SPF will not block all the UV rays, and you need to make sure that it protects from both UV-A and UV-B rays (SPF only indicates UV-B protection). Further more most people do not apply enough sunscreen (or reapply), and don't forget that thin t-shirts also let sun rays through.

What I am leading into is that sun care is important, however people seem to forget that after care is just as important, as whenever you are in the sun, even if you cover up and stay in the shade, some sun damage is likely to have occurred to your skin. The way to help your skin recover is through use of antioxidants. Antioxidants are everywhere when it comes to face products, your Vitamin C serums, facial oils and anti-ageing creams, but they are just as necessary for the rest of the skin that gets sun exposure. This becomes a larger area in the summer.

An antioxidant rich body oil is a must for my after sun care. After washing sunscreen off in the shower, I will apply body oil straight to damp skin or mix it with an aloe vera gel, if I feel like some extra cooling. Yuli Harmony body oil is a real treat. Very light weight, and I find that I only need about three drops for each limb. Yuli use some interesting ingredients in their products, and although they don't try to make their products smell good for the sake of it, this body oil smell delicious, like oat and raisin cookies. The scent is not overpowering, just the way I like it. My skin feels ridiculously soft straight away, and stays soft when I wake up in the morning. This blend works with your skin to prevent photo-ageing as well as repair some of the damage that might have already occurred. This is a good oil to layer under sunscreen as a booster. As with all Yuli products, you can purchase a sample size.

As perfect as Harmony body oil is to me, a girl needs options. Therapie Cherish skin Repair body serum is a blend of oils and CO2 extracts. Like the name suggests it is designed to repair and support your skin. It is safe to use during pregnancy and apparently can help with prevention of stretch marks. On my skin it smells a little herbal with a slight meadow flowers undertone. In the bottle I still smell the herbal notes but also a little citrus. Again the smell is not overpowering, but stronger than Yuli's. It absorbs beautifully, with no residue left behind, just wonderfully soft skin. For me this one is an evening oil in the summer, although the texture is very light, I would not enjoy the scent in the heat of a summer's day.

One thing to keep in mind is that although topical products are great, it is important to top up with antioxidants from inside out. Luckily the amount of tasty veg and fruit is unsurpassed during the warmer season.


  1. I love using body oils all year round, but especially more so in summer! These two sound lovely x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. I am exactly the same! Probably because it's warm it makes it easier to apply oil on damp skin, while in the winter all I want to do after a shower us to put some layers on ;) xx