Friday 12 September 2014

Green People

Organic Beauty week is not quiet over yet. Everyday this week Green People are having a different offer and today's is a free Moisturising gel with every purchase of their Nurture Body lotion.

Green People have one of the biggest, most comprehensive ranges when it comes to "green" beauty. There really is something for each member of the family (yes even for the men in your life), and 90% of their products are certified organic (not only by Soil Association, but also by Ecocert and Organic Food federation). The two products at hand are for the citrus lovers.

It is no secret that I am a big fan soaps, but I do always have a shower gel in my bathroom to use with a sponge, and for a spot of DIY. Moisturising Shower gel* has the right amount of sudsing action, without making my skin feel like dry parchment. What really makes this shower gel stand out to me is the aroma, it is subtle yet distinct. Fresh and vibrant citrus notes, mixed with gentle calm of field flowers. It is a joy to have this product in my shower. I always liked foaming body scrubs, however I haven't come across an organic version, so I make my own when I feel like it by mixing equal amounts of shower gel and salt (I tend to prefer pink Himalayan salt), and let it sit for an hour or so. While it is not an uber fancy exfoliator, it is really handy if you've run out of body scrub. Moisturising shower gel is made with 84% Organic ingredients.

Nurture Body lotion* is a perfect companion to the shower gel. Their fragrances complement each other effortlessly. Again the scent is not overly strong but noticeable, with sparkling bergamot being dominant. Despite the fact that this is a lotion, a little of the product goes along way. Skin is left feeling smooth and supple with no noticeable residue (and smelling oh so delicious). I really like the pump bottle that the lotion comes in, it is very easy to control the amount of product that comes out. As well as shea butter and sunflower oil, this lotion contains squalane from Olives and Perilla oil, combination of these makes it rich in Omega 3-6 as well as antioxidants. This lotion is made with 91.6% Organic ingredients.

When talking about switching to organic beauty it is always advised to start with body products (especially when you use them daily), as they are used on the largest area of skin, body products have potential to be most disruptive if they contain certain synthetic chemicals. There is really no time like the present to try something new, and if you enjoy fresh scents this duo is just the ticket.

*These products are PR samples in honour of Organic Beauty week, I have been buying Green People products for many years and genuinely like their formulations, including the products reviewed above. As always it is my own honest opinion. Just to paraphrase my PR policy: no likey no reviewy...


  1. Green people was the first natural brand i tried :) This brand is difficult to find for me ... I always buy via lovelula :) Xx
    Nice post :)

    1. I think it was the fourth or fifth for me but it was one of the few that I keep coming back too! They stock it at my local health food store so it is really easy to get for me :) xx

  2. I haven't tried this brand yet but it looks really good!