Friday 30 October 2015

Lani | Let's pretend you are a beach babe

When you think about it, most green beauty brands have an oil in their range, and while not everyone gets the fascination (I can literally hear some of you groaning "not another beauty oil"), I adore the stuff. I still get more excited about oils than most other products, because they genuinely work. With a lot of single oils and simpler blends you can actually use the same one as a makeup remover, moisturiser, hair treatment and body oil (very handy when travelling). Sometimes you might want a little more targeted blends, especially if you are like me and prefer stronger scented body products, but very lightly scented ones when it comes to facial skincare.

Looking at the vivid colours of the glass bottles from the Lani range, and inhaling the delicious scents, you might  think that the line hails from Hawaii or Fiji, or some exotic island. In fact it is made on that famously tropical Island of Great Britain (well some days it does feel like we are in a middle of a monsoon, so there). If you have a look at Lani"s instagram they are very much down with the beach vibe, and if you like your beauty products to provide a little escapism, this range is a definite winner. 

Lani tropical hair treatment. I have reviewed several hair oils in the past, but when you take into account performance and value for money, nothing gets better than this for someone with long hair. Natural oils from your scalp help keep your hair in tip top condition (that's why a good hair brush makes such a difference to hair health, it can spread the oils your scalp produces evenly across the whole length). The longer your hair the less of the good stuff gets to the very ends. So gorgeous ladies with short hair, and shoulder length hair, you don't need this. Long haired mavens, say hello to your new bestie. 

Using it is very simple, you massage some oil evenly into dry hair (I would say brush your hair before you do this, to make sure there are no knots, otherwise it's a bit tricky to distribute it), from the roots to the very ends, give your head a little massage while you are at it (trust me not only does it feel amazing, it is one of the best things you can do for your hair). Leave it on for half an hour or longer, I normally plait my hair afterwords and enjoy a silly movie, or a good book, all part of feeling pampered. Afterwards just wash your hair, they recommend shampooing twice to make sure you wash it all out, and condition as you would normally. The result is just beautifully bouncy locks, hair feels and looks really healthy.

The blend consists of 4 ingredients: camellia oil, coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and macadamia nut oil. The scent is like a sweet coconut dessert, which I really like, but if you are not a fan of coconut it is pretty strong, so you are not likely to enjoy it. I find myself using it most of the time when I wash my hair, which is twice a week (they recommend using it 1-2 a week for best results).  With the way I use it, it seems to last around 5 months, but on Lani website they say you can get anywhere between 6-18 uses out of the bottle (my hair is pretty long, hovers a little over my behind, and I just can't imagine how long the hair must be to go through this bottle in 6 uses, probably sweeping the floor).

Lani tropical body treatment. There was a lot of excitement when this coral bottle was being launched, and I actually won it in their Instagram giveaway. I have to say it is one of my favourite scents in a body product to date, and if there was a perfume with this fragrance I would be all over it. It's the mingle of coconut and Ylang Ylang that is just so darn intoxicating, I'm happy to just sit here and sniff at the bottle all day.

I don't have dry skin on my body, so I don't really need much of this at all. It is a very rich, silky feeling blend. While the bottle states you can use it on dry skin, I always apply my oils after a shower when my skin is still wet, you use a lot less product that way, and I find it just works better for me.I like the weight of this body oil, it's not like a dry oil, there is plenty of slip to it, but it isn't as heavy as a body butter, and it does sink in very well. Gives my skin a little luminosity, and leaves it lightly fragranced. I'm one of those people that wears perfume on special occasions, so I love a scented body product for the day to day. The scents are a lot more subtle, and go away within an hour or two, but they always put a smile on my face while I apply them.

Ingredients in the body treatment are: almond oil, coconut oil, camellia oil, baobab oil, moringa oil, and ylang ylang. All absolutely gorgeous for giving your skin some extra TLC. The coconut scent in this is not very strong, and it complements ylang ylang so well, that even if you are not a fan of coconut you just might find this a little irresistible. 

I have been very impressed with both products, and I do like the whole exotic island living vibe. Yes my body hasn't sported a tan in eons but I am a beach bum at heart. I do have one concern over the fact that as hard as I looked, I failed to see an expiry date or an open jar symbol to tell me how long the product stays fresh, on either of the bottles (this is a legal requirement for all cosmetics sold in EU). On the website it says that you need to use it within 12 months (I assume from when you recieve it). This information however should be on the bottle.

Have you guys tried any of the above products? Is a lack of expiry information on the bottle a concern?

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