Wednesday 10 February 2016

New and upcoming launches #2

There is so much going on the world of green beauty lately, so many things to discover. My head is spinning a little from all the new brands popping up. Yet it seems the already established names are not sitting on their laurels either, and some exciting releases went straight to my wish list.

RMS master mixer. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is wanting a piece of this action, yet if I'm completely honest I was a little bit dubious about the master mixer. Sure it looked pretty, but how is it any different from a bunch of highleghters I already have... And then I saw this video, not only did it make me consider changing my hair colour to blue, but it made me want the master mixer so badly, that I booked myself in for a preview of the product at Content. While this baby is already available in the U.S. it will be another week or so before UK beauties can get their hands on it. The pre-order option will be available soon on the being content website.

Gressa eye tints. I am huge fan of Gressa, and their lip boosts are pure perfection, a true epitome of no fuss glamour. I can not overestimate my excitement for these new additions to the line up. Judging by the pictures the colours have a pearlescent slightly metallic finish, and the three colours are a gorgeous plum purple, copper bronze, and pale gold. These will be available at the end of February, and hopefully not too long after they will come to Amazingy who stock the rest of the Gressa range in Europe.

Mun No.7 Ayour Body toning serum. This serum has been long in anticipation, and finally became available in U.S. a few weeks ago. Boasting a combination of olive, cucumber and barbary fig oils it promises to be a serious treat for the skin. I love Mun facial serum, it is such a great product, based on that I have pretty high hopes for this serum as well. I am keeping my eye on Reina organics to see when it becomes available in Europe.

With Valentine's fast approaching there are lots of offers and limited edition sets floating about. Itha has a particularly generous 50% off on the entire range, it is for a limited time but no exact date has been given. The lip glows are a particular favourite of mine, and they now come in handy tubes as well as pots, it is a great time to try them.

A.S apothecary has released a beautiful cleansing set which includes not only the mineral powder, their newest product, but a beautiful porcelain bowl and spoon. The set looks absolutely wonderful.

Content have put together a Love collection which includes some raw chocolate, a massage oil and a Lotus Wei infinite love anointing oil (this happens to be my absolute favourite scent).

Don't forget that my discount code for Angel eyes (reviewed here) RAINBOW25 expires on 15th of February.

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