Friday 23 September 2016

Beauty from the sea | Voya

Seaweed beauty maybe all the rage right now, but like with many things, in a way, it is a revival of an old forgotten tradition. It seems that therapeutic properties of seaweed have been long known along the Irish coast, and seaweed baths used to be quite a popular thing with around 300 seaweed bath houses in Ireland at the beginning of 20th century. The picture changed towards the end of the century, and with the popularity of other types of treatments, this tradition practically disappeared. Yet to Neil Walton the revival of a the seaweed bathhouse tradition in his hometown of Strandhill became somewhat of a mission, and in 1996 with his family he did just that: opened voya seaweed baths. Fast forward to 2016 and Voya is a global business with deep family roots, proud of their beginning, and their organic beauty products line is celebrating 10 years.

The beauty range first launched with one product, Lazy Days, organic seaweed combined with dead sea salt, for a seaweed bath in the comfort of your own home. Now there are many more products, all centered around the wonderful properties of seaweed.

Fucus serratus, commonly known as toothed or serrated wrack, is an olive-brown seaweed from North Atlantic that features in a few of Voya products. This seaweed is full of minerals and antioxidants, making it amazing for skincare. Voya harvests their seaweed by hand, making sure that the marine life is not harmed and only a small portion is taken at a time.

With my love for oils and citrus based products, it is not surprising that I was very curious about Angelicus Serratus body oil. The scent is mild with sparkly notes of mandarin, lemon, lime and an ocean breeze. Combination of sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil and fucus serratus seaweed extract creates a really nourishing base, skin is left velvety soft to the touch. This oil makes an amazing follow-up to the seaweed bath experience that will make you feel like your home has turned into the most relaxing spa (especially if you can persuade someone to give you a massage with this oil).

If citrus doesn't really float your boat, Voya will be launching their total tranquility collection over the next few months, and Mindful Moments body oil will become available from the 1st of October. This body oil will be infused with lavender essential oil and as well as leaving you with super soft skin, it premisses to relax your senses and aid with getting a restful night's sleep. The seaweed extract in this body oil is that of himanthalia elongata (sea spaghetti).

Voya range is very extensive, you can find skincare, haircare, and a variety of body products. They even have a small selection of organic teas! You can find the line in some breathtakingly luxurious spa locations around the world, as Voya are available in 37 countries, alternatively you can get your hands on the products by ordering on-line.

However much I wish for it to be otherwise, a trip to Kandolhu in Maldives is not really on the cards in the near future, seaweed beauty experience in the comfort of my own home... Now that I can do!

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