Saturday 23 April 2011

Pre-exam stress and shopping...

So this is my first post, expect it to be a bit of trial and error. I have exams coming up in the next two weeks all the way through to mid June. Which means I am freaking out! When that happens I tend to spend money like there is no tomorrow. In an effort of saving myself from going bankrupt I have decided to blog about the things I already purchased.

Last Thursday before work I popped into body shop. Haven't been there for ages and wasn't expecting to get anything as I've been trying to use more eco friendly products. So i was pleasantly surprised to find a whole shelf fool of ecofriendly shower gels!
The range is called Earth Lovers and comes in different scents. I bought  two (they were on offer buy 1 get 1 half price) apricot and basil, watermelon and eucalyptus.
They are said to be 100% biodegradable, sulfate free, without parabens and colourants. Suitable for sensitive skin and friendly to aquatic life.
Now I only used the apricot one so far. Personally i thought it smelled like peach, but that might just be me. Normally I can not use shower gels as they give me a rash on my back, so I always just used castile soap or lush soaps in the shower. The scent of these so nice i just had to give it a try. And so far I had no reaction. Usually I have a reaction straight away so it is safe to assume that this product is fine. I used it with a shower sponge and it foamed really well. There was a faint sweet smell left on the skin but not overpowering, so you could use perfume if you wanted it wouldn't clash. Here is the link if you want to find out more

So what are your habits when it comes to dealing with stress?
Has anyone tried this range? What are your thoughts?

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