Thursday 28 April 2011

People tree summer accessories

I tend  to wear a lot of grey and neutral clothes in the summer, so when I came across these bangles on people tree website i thought they would be perfect to liven up my ensembles!

People tree is a fairtrade fashion company that works closely with communities in developing countries. They use organic cottons and silks for their clothing and always give description of materials used for each garment.
I feel like the picture doesn't do them justest. Although the colours are true somehow the bangles look brighter when I look at them. They are handmade from palmleaves and very light on your wrist. I absolutely love them and they were £12 from the website.

I also couldn't resist some earings.

They are also £12 pounds. Handmade with glass beads. Really beautiful crafftsmanship. When I put them on I do feel the weight a little bit. They are not exactly heavy but you can tell they are there unlike with studs. 
So here are the links if you want to take a closer look or find out more about people tree.    and                                                      Note: the bangles on the website have slightly different colours to the ones I have.

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