Saturday 14 July 2012

Mercedes Benz World experience

I got my husband an off-roading experience at the Mercedes world as a present and somehow got roped into  being a passenger on it. It was all good fun for him on the super steep slopes, whilst I was literally hanging, supported only by the seat belt, thinking oh my god I hope all the fancy equipment that makes this unnatural behaviour of the car possible does not break now. Unfortunately you are not allowed to have electronic equipment turned on whilst inside so no pictures.
The fun part for me started when we went for lunch. On the top floor of the building there is restaurant called Gullwing (as it was explained to me by my other half it is not called that after the bird but rather after one of the Mercedes cars).The place is small so the menu isn't huge, five starters and five mains to choose from and about six desserts. Only one vegetarian option from each and no vegan options. I opted for two starters and a dessert.

I had vichyssoise soup with creme fraiche (basically leek and potato soup) followed by Scallop nicoise with artichokes and capers. Both tasted really nice. Artichokes were on the salty side but when you combined them with the scallops in one bite they offset each other perfectly.
Desert was sherry trifle with elderflower jelly and red currants. Now I love trifle and so does my husband. Neither of us could it it. I thought it was nice to begin with but after the second bite I was feeling sickly, he said the same. The verdict: nice place  but maybe skip the desert (or at list the trifle).

After lunch we walked around looking at the cars on display and I couldn't resist sitting in a few of them.

Now I don't drive so I'm judging purely on the comfort of sitting down. The car in the top pictures was the best, so comfy and had a pretty snazzy wheel. The red car i didn't like, it looked awesome but once I got inside it was a bit disappointing. If I could drive (and had the cash) I would go for the cabriolet it was comfy enough and just looks great.
To be honest I'm not really into cars so I was surprised how much fun I had. So happy that my hubby liked his present, boys can be so hard to choose for.

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