Monday 1 April 2013

The Organic pharmacy in-flight kit and what I pack when travelling.

So I was thinking of making a review of the organic pharmacy in-flight kit and then I had this idea... why not combine with what else I take with me on the plain. I am one of those people who is constantly looking at what "liquids" other ladies are carrying in their see through airport regulation bags, so maybe you are to?

I'll start with the organic pharmacy in-flight kit.

Inside the kit:  Three homoeopathic remedies for Travel sickness, Jet Lag and Insomnia. There is a leaflet to let you know about the quantities to take and how often. Rose facial Spritz 10ml. Monoi lip balm 5ml. Rose hand and nail balm 5ml. Lip and eye cream 5ml.
Some of  the products are available to buy full size, however not the monoi lip balm and not the rose hand and nail balm.

Rose facial spritz is just 100% rose water in a convenient small glass spray bottle . I really like using rose water in general but the one I normally by is from Pukka. All the packaging in the kit is glass, however the pots are really small so if you have long nails it might be a bit tricky to get the product out. Honestly all the products are really good. The only thing I did not use is the travel sickness pills as I don't really suffer from that. It might be a total placebo effect but I felt a lot better than normal after flying all day when I used these jet lag pills.

Monoi lip balm smells sweet but not a sickly kind, reminds of chocolate for some reason. Texture looks thick but once it is on the lips it sort of melts really quickly and leaves a nice glossy effect. Feels light and not at all sticky, very moisturising.

Rose hand and nail balm is just gorgeous. It smell amazing (if you like rose scents that is). Very nourishing. It is very rich so perfect for dry cabin air. This is my favourite of the skincare products from this kit and I think the new rose balm that they offer might be the same product (not 100% sure on that).

Lip and eye treatment cream smells herby. It is very rich.If it is the same as the lip and eye cream that they sell (it might not be as the names differ slightly) I wouldn't normally use it because it has jojoba (my eye area is ok with jojoba but not the rest of my face so I just avoid all facial products with jojoba just in case) but I did like this. I wouldn't use this on a daily bases though, strictly flight time or major tlc days product in my opinion, unless you have really dry/mature skin around your eyes and lips.

I probably could get away with just the products from the kit, but old habits die hard so I absolutely have to take some extras.

The little organic pharmacy bag that comes with the kit is really handy and this is what it looks like when I put everything I am taking with me.

The extra items that I bring are Holistic silk slipper socks (they are on sale at the mo so they might stop making them). I absolutely adore these. They are really comfortable have a cushioned sole and they keep me warm (yes I get cold feet even if I'm flying in the summer!). They are machine washable and the faux leather sole means I can just walk about the air plain in them without changing into my shoes.

Holistic silk eye mask. Well I have had this for years and I do not travel without it. It is large so blocks out all the light, has lavender inside the lining and looks super cute.

And I also always take this blue pashmina. Again I have had this for years, I think it is a cotton-cashmere blend but I can't remember for sure. Because it is so old I am not to worried if it gets dirty, light blue is a neutral colour so it goes with all my travel clothe (which tend to be various shades of grey). And it is so soft.

So the extra beauty/skincare items that I pack.
From left to right: Hurraw tinted black cherry lip balm, 100% pure fruit pigment concealer, intelligent nutrients jasminas perfume, hand sanitizer (just happens to be asseptgel), weleda citrus deodorant travel size, suvana paw paw & honey balm.

Well you can see a trend here, I am really into lip balms. And yes I probably do not need so many with me but I like to have a choice. I don't wear make-up when flying so I make sure that I have a tinted lip balm (hurraw cherry is my favourite at the moment and unlikely to be replaced) and a concealer. Now 100% pure concealer I can't say that it is the best, I find that it lasts around 4 hours. However the packaging is great for travel and I never have any bad reactions to it.
Weleda deodorant has alcohol in it but I like it. When at home I normally use soapwalla or salt of the earth and weleda is always in my travel bag. It is really convenient to take with you and smells fresh.
Intelligent nutrients jasminas is an oil based perfume, smells just like jasmine. I love the scent, this and fleur d'orange by tsi-la are my favourite perfumes. And it supposedly helps with jet lag.

In addition to this if it is summer I also take a pair of sunglasses and a portable fan. My kindle and maybe a magazine that caught my eye in the airport. Oh and a hairbrush :)


  1. I've seen the Suvana Balm on a few blogs - I like the look of it. :) How effective are those slippers at keeping feet warm? I get such cold hooves!

    1. Yeah my feet get cold too, like all the time! These are very warm, they have extra padding at the bottom too, we had to stay overnight in an airport once and I slept with these on once, no cold feet ;)