Wednesday 30 October 2013

Ambre botanicals Costa Del Azahar soap

My shower times are very special to me. It is a time when my body gets to relax and I get to reflect on the events of the day (or plan out the day ahead). Everything has to be in balance for the most enjoyable experience: temperature, water pressure and the products I use.

I have an array of products on rotation, and I don't always know what I will be using until I am actually in the shower, completely depends on my mood. Lately  I have been reaching more and more for the Ambre botanicals Costa del Azahar warming and moisturizing soap, and it is no mystery why.

I am not really a cold weather person, I do love the change of seasons but I always miss summer terribly. And this soap is like a little slice of summer.

First of all, it has very cheerful orangey colour  and you can see flower petals going through the soap. It comes beautifully presented in black cardboard, in keeping with the handcrafted aspect of the soap. The inspiration behind it are the orange plantations in the Spanish Costa del Azahar. I have to say when I first used this soap (before reading the description) all I could think of were spiced oranges.

The fragrance of the soap is very subtle, yet distinctively warm. I actually like the fact the scent isn't very strong, it is just there at the back of my mind rather then assaulting my senses in my time of contemplation. I get a hint of something citrusy and a hint of spice.

When you pick up the bar it feels very creamy, it doesn't melt in your hands but you can instantly tell that it is full of skin loving oils and butters. It leaves my skin super soft that I don't feel horrified if I skip body moisturising products (which happens fairly often) due to lack of time or forgetfulness.

Now this soap has ginger essential oil for its warming properties on the skin. I can't really tell if I notice the effects because I do have rather hot showers (according to my husband, I look like a lobster when showering). But I cannot dispute that whenever I use it, this soap does give me the same feeling as a nice cup of tea on a cold day, it leaves me relaxed and content.


  1. Ambre is some really lovely products, I like the sound of this soap

  2. I love Ambre Botanicals and this soap sounds wonderful x

    1. it really is! I am looking forward to trying some of their other stuff xx