Monday 28 October 2013

Fall make-up

I have been a little preoccupied lately so apologies for the lack of posts. I thought I would kick things off with my take on autumn makeup trends.

The trend for statement lips that was big in the summer continues in the fall, just swap your pinks and corals for dark berry  and burgundy colours.

Now I am not one to take fashionable colours at face value, so here is my choice of lip products for this season.

                        From left to right: Ilia Funnel of Love, OG dark pink, Ilia Lust for life, Osmia lip luster

Ilia Beauty Lust for life. Now this is the most on trend colour that I bothered to get. Don't get me wrong I love burgundy and dark wine lips as much as the next girl, just on someone else not on me.
This colour has the advantage of being in the right shade yet not as dark or in your face as what you have been seeing in magazines. Perfect for people like myself who just want to dip their toes into this latest craze and not jump head first.

The organic pharmacy dark pink. If you do not care for the latest fashions but just happen to want to change your lippy with the new season ( after all without the summer light certain colours look and feel out of place), this is the one for you. The colour is pretty much exactly that, dark pink. If you want to tie it in into the berry family I would say it is a raspberry colour. So not a trendsetting shade but rather a flattering change of season classic.

Osmia lip luster. Now judging by the colour in the tube it is exactly what you are expected to have on your lips this fall. However yet again I cheat! The lovely lustre leaves just a hint of colour. I would really mainly call it a slightly tinted lip treatment. The reason why I decided to include it here because lips need protection with cold weather and this is definitely on of the best salves out there at the moment.

Ilia Beauty Funnel of Love. Every now and then it is fun to break the trend. This is the lipstick for those occasions. It is a peachy nude that is perfect for days when you are tired of all the bold statement colours and maybe want to play up your eyes and not the lips.

Moving on to the eyes, windows of the sole. You could leave them bare and let your lipstick do all the work, you can go for a smokey eye or you can have fun with a slightly different approach.

                                From Left to Right: Terre d'Oc 401, Nvey eco 167, OG smokey palette

Organic Glam smokey eye shadow palette. If you want to be very specific the fashion is for more of a chocolate brown smokey eye, but I have always preferred greys so I decided to go for this palette. It has all the colours you need for a bold or an understated eye look, which makes it very versatile for day or night.

Nvye eco eye shadow 167 Bronzed Marigold.  Now this is where the fun starts. I adore this colour, it just reminds me of autumn leaves. Even though there has been an overwhelming presence of berry and dark browns, russet colours are also making an appearance in some autumn collection and this is a wonderful colour to go for.

Terre D'Oc eye shadow 401. This is a fairly dark blue with a hint of shimmer. I got this colour to pair up with the Nvye eco eye shadow for definition close to the lash line (I just fancied something a bit different from the usual dark brown). I really like how the two colours work together. Keep in mind that it that on the Love lula sight this shadow appears to be a really bright blue, it really isn't it is a more of a darkish grey blue.

My nail colour choices were based on what would go with the make-up looks that I wanted.

                      From left to right: Butter London Minger, Kure Bazaar September, Butter London La Moss       

For the dark pink or understated lip I chose Kure Bazaar in September. Such an amazingly vibrant colour that always perks me up.

For the darker berry lip, Butter London in La Moss. Very dark black cherry, pretty much what this season is all about.

Butter London in Minger, for the foliage inspired, russet eyes and nude lips. This is a sort off muted orange colour that reminds me of pumpkins. This particular colour has been discontinued but Kure Bazaar makes one that is exactly like it called Hippie Chic.

During the next two weeks I will do posts for each category with all the swatches and feedback on the products. So watch this space!

Just as a side note Being content is having a sale on Kure Bazaar varnishes, so if you are looking to try this brand you can save yourself some money. And Naturisimo is having a 10% off with a code spooky until the end of Halloween.


  1. I still haven't got around to try a Butter London polish, the colours always look lovely :)

    1. the colours are really super, I haven't been disappointed with how they look on, not once, plus I kind of like how the bottles are slightly chunky ;)