Friday 8 November 2013

Marble and Milkweed bathing salts

I have to confess that I am not a big fan of cold weather. While I do appreciate an opportunity to wear heavy knits, awesome boots and drink hot tea all day, without people thinking you weird; I am sort of over it after a few weeks. What can I say, if it ain't summer weather it is just bad weather in my books.

To get me through this rather difficult, long period of feeling cold all of the time, I try to trick myself into thinking that this time of year is actually enjoyable. And big part of it are long, relaxing bath times.

To me baths have always been special, it is just a time when you allow yourself not to worry about anything. Enjoying that lovely feeling of bliss and contentment in your body, that warm water brings.

While I don't really like bath oils ( I just always feel so slippery, an accident waiting to happen), salts on the other hand, bring my bathing experience to the next level.

My latest discovery is this wonderful concoction by Marble and Milkweed, a New York brand of  beautiful, hand made products.

Rose and cardamom bathing salts. These salts come packed in a clear glass jar, while there isn't anything extra fancy about it, it does allow the beauty of the product to speak for itself.

I for one appreciate how  pretty these salts look in my bathroom. Himalayan pink salt is the reason for the pretty colour, it is a salt full of minerals and is known for its relaxing properties.

The salt is mixed with a small quantity of nourishing oils (coconut and sesame), and fragranced with essential oils of rose otto and cardamom. The addition of oils left me with slightly softer skin (in comparison to plain salts), but didn't make the bath feel slippery. And I absolutely love the aroma from the essential oils, not too strong but noticeable.

After bathing with these, I get a lasting feeling of warmth ( I have somewhat poor circulation, my hands and feet are always cold), and in turn that means that I get to enjoy a good night's sleep.
I have been fairly scrimpy with this product, and a jar lasts me about 5 baths.

I have noticed that  a beautiful world have a gift box with these salts and a Marble and Milkweed body oil, that would make a wonderful present (or even a treat for yourself). Plus you can get 10% off with a code XMAS10.


  1. Mmh this bath salt sounds so heavenly :) I've actually never tried bath salts... (dont be surprised!) so it's a must try for me since I love lounging around. I can imagine how relaxing it is to go to bed after bathing.

    I am seriously jealous of everyone who got that Beautiful World gift box. So pretty!!

    1. Seriously you need to get yourself some bath salts girl! You are totally missing out. xx

  2. I'm a summer person too, so have to indulge in baths in the cold weather. Marble and Milkweed seem like such a lovely brand and I can only imagine how amazing the scent is of the bath salts! x

    1. oh it really is wonderful, do let me know if you decide to give them a go:)

  3. This sounds lovely! I'm actually out of bath salts and have to get some more. Thanks for sharing xx