Tuesday 5 November 2013

RMS Beauty Diabolique and Beloved

When I heard that RMS released a limited addition Lip2Cheek colour for autumn I really wanted it. I asked Content if they would be stocking it, and the answer was at the moment it was on RMS website only. So I made my peace with the fact that I won't be getting it....

And last week Content sent out a tweet: For those who were asking, we currently have a limited number of Diabolique in store. But then on the website I saw another new colour, Beloved (this one is not limited addition).

After a ridiculous amount of changing my mind about which Lip2Cheek colour to order, I went for Diabolique and requested a sample of Beloved..

Diabolique. This is a rather brave shade for me. Very intense dark cherry colour. It does, however, look very different depending on how you apply.

On me it looks best applied over a glossy lip balm. This adds a slight see through quality to otherwise a very intense colour.

Personally I think it is more of an evening shade, but you can play around with it to give just a touch of wine stain, that will be more suitable for daytime. This is a colour of the season if there ever was one.

Beloved. Now this is a very exciting bright red (think a field of poppies). If you are one of those people that admires red from a far, you could totally pull this one off.

 The beauty of this product is that it is doesn't have a heavy opaque consistency of a lipstick, therefore with a light application, you can absolutely achieve a beautiful, touch of red pout.

However if you want a full on red lip all you need to do is add another layer of colour. For a more understated look I suggest applying with your fingers, for more colour payoff applying with a lip brush would be best.

This is a great all year round shade, which you can easily take from day to evening. Beloved is a very apt name for it.

As I was playing around with both colours, I wanted to see what happens when I mix them together. And the effect is a truly spectacular deeper red shade.

I was a little worried about Diabolique, RMS products last forever, since you only need to use the tiniest amount, and if I am perfectly honest burgundy is not my go to colour. But now if I get bored with it, I will just mix it with any red colour that I have (well maybe even Beloved, not sure how long I can resist before getting it).

So here is a quick comparison of all the three variations on the lips.

I have to say that I am glad that I got Diabolique as it is a wonderful addition to my makeup bag. The quality of these is just as good as any other Lip 2 Cheek from RMS, but I think these colours are just a little more exciting.


  1. Is RMS beloved similar to crimson and clover in anyway? btw lovely review. Diabolique looks beautiful however I already own Ilia's lust for life which for me is be a bit more wearable during the daytime :)

    1. I would say beloved is a slightly warmer red than crimson and clover, I still have some of the sample left, so will do a comparison between beloved and all the red lipsticks from ilia that I have. I'll try to post it in the next few days xx

  2. I've been looking for reviews on Diabolique and it's great that you've done one! You've also done a review on Ilia Lust for life! In your opinion, which one is more worth getting? I don't really want to buy both haha as the shade is only one I will reach for this season

    1. Hm tough question as I really do like both. If you were going to use it both day and evening then I would say lust for life, as it has a slightly pinker quality than diabolique, which makes it a little easier to wear. I will be doing a post tomorrow with swatches for lust for life xx

  3. Beautiful swatches <3

    Finally, these two shades arrived in my mailbox today.. so pleased with the colors! Love love these on you as well. I love how lip2cheek can be sheer out for colors. I first wished that these two came out as a lipstick form (since I heard Rose-Marie was in the process of making them) but these shades... in a lip2cheek formula surprisingly works too.. and yes for the cheeks as well!

    Diabolique + Beloved mixed together looks pretty! Will try that.

    1. yeah I was looking forward to the lipsticks too, but hey these products are spectacular so can't complain! I think they will look great on you, looking forward to finding out what you think xx