Tuesday 17 December 2013

Getting into the spirit of Christmas

I always  liked this time of year and for me it has not lost its magic. I have learned to ignore marketing campaigns urging me to start shopping for presents in September and only really start thinking about Christmas in November.

I like the weird, wonderful and occasionally tacky decorations that are on display (honestly it wouldn't be the same without them). I like the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere in the shops. This is not mindless browsing, people are on a mission, it feels like organized chaos.

And of course seasonal food and drinks. All of these things are an embodiment of a Christmas fair.

On the weekend hubby and I decided to take things a little easy and instead of going to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (which is absolutely fantastic but super busy), we went to the Christmas market in Kingston upon Thames.

It is a much smaller affair that we both found a little more relaxing, yet still full of festive cheer. There were a few food and drink stalls (but if you are a vegetarian you would be better off in one of the local cafes), and a selection of crafts and gifts that you could expect from such an event.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it was coffee in my cup, when in fact it was mulled wine (cheekily strong one at that).

Around the corner (literally a minute away) there is a massive tent that is Eden Christmas Craft fair. And here is the true selection of some rather unique things (some are a little strange, but a real testament to peoples skills and creativity).

There is also food here, what particularly stood out was a Mediterranean and Middle eastern food stall. As I was walking by not intending to stop, I was handed an unusual black olive infused with cherry.

Apparently a traditional Persian olive, the guy was so enthusiastic that I didn't catch all of it, but the olives were absolutely scrumptious (so yeah I left with a box, ok good sales people know what they are doing). 

It was a very chilled non stressful day out for the both of us, and to me markets like these are one of the things that makes the run up to Christmas special.

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