Friday 6 December 2013

Ilia beauty Cosmic Dancer

I have to confess as soon as I saw a limited edition holiday gift set from ilia on net a porter my heart skipped a bit. Yes it is rather shallow of me but I have been looking for a natural gold highlighter for about two years now and nothing quiet measured up. The only thing I already have white rabbit lip gloss so I was hesitating. And it payed off because content started stocking cosmic dancer by itself.
Well you can only imagine how quickly I added it to my shopping basket.

On to the product itself. The colour of Cosmic Dancer is a pale gold rather than a bronzed gold. Which makes it work on a variety of skin tones. It seems to have a slightly dryer texture than other cream highlighters that I have tried. And I really like that, as it doesn't slide of my skin, or make it appear oily. The highlighting effect is a pearl finish with no glitter or obvious shimmer particles. It is actually pretty perfect in terms of looks and texture.

It works great on my cheekbones and eyes. Although I prefer it for daytime use, it is one of those products that lends itself equally well to daytime and evening makeup looks.
Final verdict: I think this will definitely become a staple in my makeup bag, but I would also like a more intense gold version. Now I do wonder if Ilia has one in the works...

I have been using this highlighter for about a week now, so I though I would share two makeup looks that it has been most used in.

Daytime glow:

I used Cosmic Dancer on the whole of the eyelid and cheekbones. Than I used Kjaer Weis eye shadow in Magnetic like an eyeliner, very close to the lash line. One coat of Kjaer Weis mascara only on the top lashes. And on the lips I used Ilia In Paradise.

Evening sparkle:

I used Cosmic Dancer in exactly the same fashion as before, just added a little extra to the brow bone and, whatever was remaining on my finger, down the middle of the nose. I lined my eyes with RMS eye shadow in Karma, and added extra coat of mascara to my top lashes, and one coat for the bottom lashes. For my lips I used Kjaer Weis lip tint in Goddess.

I will be doing reviews for the other makeup items used in the near future


  1. Very pretty looks!! I love the Daytime Glow, will steal off this inspiration off of you! Great review, the cosmic illuminator looks like so much fun.

    1. Oh thank you! I am so happy you like it! I think this has to be my favourite illuminator at the moment xx

    2. Btw Tammy, is Cosmic Gold more of a 'champagne' color? Been wanting to get The Balm Luminizer, but maybe I should get Cosmic Gold instead.. not sure.

    3. Hey, yeah it is a pail gold, so champagne is a fairly close description, I think it will work well with your complexion xx