Tuesday 16 December 2014

The "Me Time" tag

The lovely Amber (Amber's beauty talk) tagged me to share a few things about my down time as I call it. I think it is healthy to carve out some alone time and here is how I spend those precious moments.

What do you watch or read during me-time?

I love to read and I especially like fantasy, just something about magic, dragons, knights and heroins that are not afraid to kick ass that really appeals to me. I am in between books at the moment but some of my favourite authors are Juliet Marillier (seven waters trilogy in particular), Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks, Trudi Canavan, Patrick Rothfuss, Simon R Green and Maggie Furey.

I don't really watch proper TV, I'm more of a NetFlix and On demand person. I like to have TV series marathons where I try to get through as many episodes as humanly possible in one go. I just finished watching all 8 seasons of House and thinking on starting on House of cards. I also like watching old and slightly twisted movies like Splendour in the Grass and La Dolce Vita. If I'm feeling a bit down I turn to Rom Coms (The Holiday is a fave) or reality TV that doesn't require much thought, something like The Real Housewifes of OC (appalling TV as Mr RF calls it).

What do you wear during me time?
Without a doubt a pair of checked brushed cotton PJ bottoms and a soft T-shirt "borrowed" from Mr RF, and a pair of brown cashmere socks. It is a relaxation uniform of sorts.

What are your me-time products? 

It depends on when in the day is the "me-time" happening. In the evenings I like to have bath accompanied by a candle and some salts. I always have a few types of bathing salts on hand, Bon Grapefruit and rosemary salts are very refreshing and a little different from my usual rose. In the day time I am more likely to do a face mask, I often customise white clay with fresh carrot juice, oils or floral waters depending on how my skin is feeling. Once in a blue moon I give myself a proper manicure and even use a cuticle oil. I really like the one from RL Linden that came in one of the limited edition seasonal boxes, those boxes are so well put together, pretty much everything you need for a fabulous pamper session. To make things feel a little more special I spray my surroundings with Lotus Wei Infinite Love and put on on some music.

 What do you eat/drink during me-time?

I like to make myself little nibble platters of bite size veg and dips, or fruit and cheese ones depending on what I have in the kitchen. It is often a selection of some of the following: celery, pepper, olives, carrots, home made aubergine dip, mozzarella, goat cheese, figs, Sharon fruit, apples, grapes and pomegranate. My love for tea and herbal infusions has no bounds, I normally make a pot and slowly sip it from the May Lindstrom "I am love" cup. I absolutely adore this sipping bowl and it makes the tea ritual even more special. Some of my favourite teas are from Ministry of herbs for Content and Solaris Botanicals. If I'm not in the mood for tea then I will make a fresh juice, carrot, celery, tomato and parsley combo is my go to.

Current favourite essential oil?

At the moment I am loving refreshing scents so sweet orange and peppermint combination like in the badger cheerful mind is at the top of the list. Also I can't get enough of cinnamon during the holiday season, such a comforting spicy scent.

Do you have outdoor me-time?

Right now? That would be a no, seriously cold weather is not my thing! In the summer on the other hand there is nothing better than finding a quiet corner in the park with a book and an ipod (yes I read and listen to music at the same time), or sunbathing in the garden with a mocktail.

Would you ever see a movie alone?

Err should I be admitting to this? Yes I would, and I'm even happy to go to a cinema by myself, I haven't done that in years but I used to all the time after school, and when I was in college too. I always passed a cinema on my way back home so if there was a movie that caught my eye I would just go in. I always preferred cinema to TV even when I was 3, and if you go alone it's just a different experience somehow. I love going to see a movie with friends but don't see a problem with going by myself if I so wish.

Favourite online shop?

Even though I shop a lot online, I don't really have an absolute favourite but I prefer shopping at places like Being Content and A beautiful world, where there are many different brands, an easy shopping experience, fab customer service and even free shipping options available. If we are talking clothing it tends to be People Tree, Hush-Uk or Atterley Road.

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

I think I would go absolutely crazy without having some alone time every so often. I don't even have to be doing anything special just relaxing for a few hours with music, or doing some yoga is plenty. The most important thing is that I am just left with my thoughts so I can reflect on what is happening and how I am feeling in that particular moment. It is all about finding a balance of being around people and socialising and spending some quality time on your own.

I am tagging:

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  1. Oh maaaaaan! I literally just finished making my bath melts, then came to read this! Should have done you orange & peppermint haha! I want to try some more of the Lotus Wei scents, I have Quiet Mind and its a little strange but I like it! Lovely reading what you get up to during Me-Time :) xx

    1. Lol I didn't even think of that! I love Quiet Mind and Inspired action, they are all great but those are the ones I have the full sizes for and Infinite Love is just creme de la creme for me :) xx