Monday 1 December 2014

Tis the season for bathing

After a long difficult day a bath is a perfect way to relax, with the days getting colder and shorter I find myself longing for the feel of hot water on my skin almost daily.

For me a bath is an experience, an hour to myself, to forget the outside world, and leave all the worries behind. I like to set the scene, an aromatic candle a glass of cool water with a slice of lemon and something to sprinkle in the tub. All of these things make it a ritual, transform an ordinary soak into something that helps me feel restored at the end of it. Normally my sprinkle of choice is bath salts, but I do like to experiment.

Skinlix Decadent Chocolate Bath Milk* is a very curious concoction of organic milk powder, organic cacao powder, sodium bicarbonate and epsom salts. The salts help relax the muscles, the rest of the ingredients soften the water and give your skin a helping hand. Adding a few handfuls to the running water turns your bath into what looks like "peach beer" (ahem quoting Mr.RF). This is not really a scented product, so if you are hoping for a bathroom that smells like chocolate this is not it, when the powder first hits the water there is a chocolaty scent but it doesn't really linger for long (I think you would need to use a lot of product for that to happen). In the pot the scent reminds me of German rye bread, earthy spiciness, a very homey scent.

After the bath my skin feels wonderfully soft, I am sure this has something to do with the gentle exfoliation that milk and baking soda provide. I am really not a fan of bath oils but bath milks are really starting to grow on me. This chocolate treat ticks all the boxes, relaxes my muscles, softens the water and my skin without me feeling like I need to take a shower to remove residue of my skin. Forget Cleopatra, who wants to bathe in plain old milk if you can bathe in chocolate.

You can get 10% of Skinlix until the 25 of December with the code BLOG.

*PR sample, all the opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the product.


  1. Perfect gift for the new year when everyone is on a diet :D

  2. An hour?! In the bath?! I'd be freezing my nips off if I was in there that long :P love the sound of this though! x

    1. Lol well maybe not a complete hour but about 40 min and the rest of the time to brush my hair and set the mood ;P It is a lovely addition to a bath xx