Wednesday 4 March 2015

Gorgeous for Good

 update: Liz is gorgeous buddy!

I am oh so very excited! You are probably familiar with Sophie Uliano and her books, they were one of the first few that I purchased when starting my green journey. Well now there will be a whole new one called "Gorgeous for Good". As if that in itself was not exciting enough, I will be taking part in the 30 day program ahead of the book's release in April (in collaboration with Sophie Uliano). What's even more wonderful is that I get to pick one reader to do it with me! 

So here are the dits:
The program focuses on skin, nutrition, fitness and soul. At the end of it you will hopefully feel Gorgeous and stay that way for Good (too much play on words?).  The idea is that we will be doing it together, I will be your personal support group. In addition you will get to join Sophie herself via Google hangouts throughout the duration of the program. Of course you are getting access to the e-version of the book as well via Netgalley widget. We will need to stay in touch during the 30 days so I know how you are doing and include that in my posts, via email, Twitter, Instagram (what ever floats your boat really). The whole thing starts on 9th of March and finishes on 8th of April. If you would like to be my Gorgeous buddy please leave a comment, or email me tamara(at)rainbowfeet(dot)co(dot)uk if you prefer! I will be choosing someone randomly on 6th of March. 

Here is a link for more info on Gorgeous for Good.

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  1. I would love to me your partner! As long as I can eat my training meals before my long distance runs and that's okay with you. Then I would love to be your buddy on this! x