Monday 2 March 2015

Month in review...

February has always been a bit of a tough month for me. After the initial excitement of reaching a new year, the cold short days get to me, my mojo is severely lacking and it is hard to feel inspired. Luckily I got a chance to go to two wonderful events that kicked me out of my grumpy troll mood.

Meeting Rose-Marie Swift at Being content was a highlight of the month, she is a force of nature and a breath of fresh air. Natural and Organic expo at London Excel was a little smaller than I anticipated but it was still an interesting experience. I finally met the founder of Bloom Remedies, even if it was a short conversation between the seminars that she was attending. I also guest posted on Naturally Paula, check it out if you missed it!

Most loved beauty product of February has to be De Mamiel rosey lip balm. I just couldn't get enough of the scent, it has been used on cuticles, as eyebrow tamer, and in its intended capacity, on the lips. I find this balm absorbs really well, there is no sticky residue and my lips seem to stay much more hydrated. I don't need to constantly reapply, there were days when I was quiet happy to go without any lip balm.

Wellness product of the month is Lotus Wei holiday cactus. I have mentioned this flower elixir a few times, Katie Hess is better than any magician in my eyes. This 30ml bottle of nectar helps keep your mind on the things that are most important. I often find myself counting days till spring, and effectively wasting time during February. With the help of this remedy I have been able to take some important steps towards necessary changes now, and not when the weather is more pleasing.

Favourite new acquisition is the Bulles et Molecules chocolate and roses cupcake soap. I absolutely love their soaps, but this cupcake is just taking things to another level. Admittedly I have not used it yet, as I have been to busy admiring this soap. I just find it so inspiring how creative artisan soap makers are, and have to keep reminding myself not to eat it.

Bottom of the jar. I have managed to finish a few products this month, and even though three out of five are travel sizes, I still feel very smug. Rahua shampoo is a personal favourite, and will be repurchased as soon as I finish all the others (mainly travel sizes that I managed to collect), because if I have this in the house nothing else will get used (you can find my previous review here). Marble and Milkweed rose and cardamon bath salts, previously reviewed here, have been something of a staple, and more than likely will be repurchased once again. The travel size of Body deli melon face wash lasted me good 4 months of once daily use, I will be reviewing it shortly, and I am planning on getting a full size. Weleda citrus deodorant, is good to have handy in my locker just in case I need to freshen up midday at work. It is alcohol based, so probably not the best choice for everyone, but it works well for me as a top up to my usual cream deo. However I do prefer the rose scented version to the citrus one. Evolvh moisturising shampoo, it was nice enough. A good one to use after an oil treatment, but a bit too drying on my hair. It did smell a bit synthetic to me, even though it states that it is all natural, not a repurchase.

I have been guilty of collecting beauty products more than actually using them in this past month, and I have come to this shocking realisation, drum roll please, that organic beauty doesn't actually do anything for your skin if you sit and stare at it, you actually need to use those beauty product before they expire. So in the light of this life changing epiphany, I have decided to do a Mindful Beauty project. I will attempt to reduce the size of my stash, and keep it that way, setting a maximum number of bottles/jars depending on category. I will be starting with toners in the next few days. Oh and one more thing, the blog now has disqus! Fingers crossed all the previous comments will be uploaded soon, and not just lost somewhere on the wild wild web.


  1. Love the look of that cupcake soap, I thought it was real from the photo! SO jealous that you got to meet Marie from Bloom Remedies and Rose-Marie Swift!!

  2. It is pretty real in person too! Marie from bloom remedies is going to be at the LNLO show this year, so fingers crossed you will get to meet her then!xx

  3. The de Mamiel lip balm looks absolutely luscious and decadent. I want it! And I second again my agreement about the scent of evolvh. Great round up :)

  4. It took a few days to trully appreciate the de mamiel lip balm for how well it works, but the scent I loved straight away. If you like rose this one is sublime! Xx