Sunday 28 June 2015

Lippy girl hot diggity yam

When it comes to true summer, my makeup days become even less of a thing than they are the rest of the year. But I do find myself doing my nails more often and applying lipstick. I remember when I was younger it was lip gloss all the way, I hated the look and feel of lipstick. I am not sure if it's the textures that have changed or my taste, but I would not give up my 'green' lippies for anything. Lately I have been particularly drawn to softer shades that work by themselves or paired up with bronzer, yet without the need for eye makeup.

Lippy Girl vegocentric lipstick in hot diggity yam* is a nudy peach colour, it comes in their signature black casing that feels quiet sturdy, like it can withstand the trials of being thrown around in my bag (and so far it has proven true after several months of hard use). This lippie is vegan so if you are trying to avoid crushed up bugs (aka carmine) it is a perfect choice. Instead of beeswax to hold everything together they use a combination of Carnauba and Candelila wax. It is a completely matte  finish, which means you need to do a little prep before applying. I did not find it drying, which can be a case with some matte formulations, however if your lips are not at their optimum at the point of applying it will settle in looking powdery in areas, unlike a moisturising lipstick. If you want to keep that matte texture going for a Brigitte Bardott look, which this colour is perfect for, you need to use a lip scrub (just a little brown sugar mixed with a drop of oil you find in your kitchen) before applying and skip the lip balm. Afterwards the colour will look like a dream, especially paired up with dark eyeliner. I find that it lasts well through out the day, but you still need to reapply after eating (which is true for pretty much every lipstick in my collection).

On a minimal makeup day, or if I just fancy wearing lip colour, I use a glossy lip balm (de mamiel is perfect for this) underneath. This makes the colour a little more see through and changes the look of lipstick completely, giving it almost a wet look. This way it doesn't last quiet as long, you would need to reapply after drinking (some of the colour does remain, but not the full effect). I do really like this look so I don't mind the extra application.

                                  In both pictures lipstick is applied over lip balm but taken in different light
The colour is fairly pale, yet it does not leave me washed out like some other nudes. It was a little difficult to give an accurate swatch on my hand so I did a swatch on a napkin as well. I feel like every girl needs to have at least three colours: a flattering red, a versatile pink and a good nude. Hot diggity yam makes a great staple nude, that like any good lipstick can take you from day to night with simple adjustment of your eye makeup.

Have you guys tried lippy girl? What do you think of this colour? Let me know in the comments.

*PR sample, as always my reviews are completely honest and the fact that I received something does not guarantee a review, I will only review something if I genuinely find that it is good. Integrity is paramount, and I would never compromise your trust in my blog.


  1. Such a pretty nude on you. I tend to be drawn to dramatic colours but a good nude can do wonders to perk up a face.

  2. Thank you, I'm also more of a bright lip kind of girl, but I do like to have a nude in the stash for those days when I fancy a change. Xx