Thursday 25 June 2015

LNLO:save the date + free tickets

I am seriously late with this post, I was planning to post a month or two before the Love Natural Love Organic show. Somehow I found myself in this bubble were I have all the time in the world to day dream and put things off until later. Well in truth, yet again, time waits for no one. Big dose of reality, there is only one week left until this amazing event and I have yet to utter a word of why I think it is so special!

I visited this event last year (big thank you to Sugarpuffish for the introduction) and you can read all about it here if you fancy. Ever since then I was already living in the anticipation of the next show (no it is not normal for me to plan so far in advance, that is how impressed I was). It takes place in London Olympia and the huge space hosts three shows at the same Free From, Love Natural Love Organic and V for Vitality. Your ticket (here is a link so you can get unlimited free tickets if you plan on attending) entitles you to visit all three. It is a green beauty lovers dream come true, finally you can see and touch products that are most often available only through online purchases. What is even more exciting it is a chance to meet the master minds behind the brands, and ask them about their creations in person. However this is not only a 'come and see what is available' type of event, all the products presented are for sale at greatly discounted prices especially for the show.

Not only you get to spend the day discovering amazing green beauty brands, thanks to the sister events you can get a chance to sample some delicious foods as well. Here I found a stall with exotic fruits, where I had my first ever fresh young coconut, that was cracked open right in front of me. You bet I am going to be looking out for it again.

There is a lot going on and it can get pretty crowded, so this year I have a game plan. I had a quick look at the exhibitorslist and noted down the stall numbers of the ones of most interest to me (to make sure I do not forget to visit them in all the excitement). Akoma skincare stall L141 and L139 is the ingredient supplier that I use when I fancy doing some uncomplicated DIY, their raw organic cocoa butter is divine. Bathing Beauty L107 is an amazing collection of handcrafted beauty goodies hailing from Wales, I have a few reviews on the blog and an interview with the founder, if you only plan to make one purchase from her stall be prepared to face a very tough choice as everything I have sampled so far is absolutely incredible. Bloom Remedies L111 has a great reputation among green beauty bloggers, while I have given these products as gifts I admit I haven't actually tried anything for myself (although I did just get a few in a blogger swap), so I am really looking forward to having a play at this table. Itha L49 is a brand of tinted lip shines that smell incredible and come in two formulations one with beeswax and another completely vegan, I have been testing these so watch out for a review very soon. Terri Verdi L242 has a few finalists in the Free From awards, I first saw these prodocts at the Exel show and I was given a serum to test, not to give too much away it is rather good, also look out for the Yoga body oil.  These are just a few of the stalls that I will be visiting, and I will do my best to post reviews of the products that I have been testing from the above mentioned brands, so if you are planning on attending you can get a better idea of what might be of interest.

So... Are you coming?


  1. Thanks for the shout out, I didn't realise I had introduced you to it so that's wonderful to hear :D it's great to see how the show has expanded as last year was the first one

  2. Yes for the last year's event I got the ticket from bathing beauty link but it was on your blog that I read that free from was for the first time having LNLO held alongside :)