Wednesday 9 September 2015

Organic burst

Since this post is about supplements, here goes my customary warning: I am not a healthcare professional, please use your common sense and ask appropriately educated person, that has been certified, for advice when in doubt. This post is about my personal experience with the product.


Approaching shelves of supplements to me is like coming to a stop in front of a minefield. So many claims, ridiculous amount to choose from, and a very different approach to quality. I feel like it cannot be overstated that there is no magic substance to make all your worries go away, when it comes to nutrition the first and last destination is the food that you eat. This is where your nutrients, vitamins and minerals come from, you can't just skip on that and then hope that a box of supplements will make up for it. What you can get is a boost: when you are run down, your overall diet has been lacking in something, you want to boost your digestion, or you haven't been getting enough sun. Now what you need or don't need is highly individual, even too much of a good thing can be bad. Majority of supplements fall under food regulation, and are not approved by MHRA that covers medicines in UK (it is a similar story across EU and USA).

I think I might have mentioned it a few times, I'm not crazy about supplements, and only use very few brands that I trust to be genuine, on the "when I feel like they are needed" bases. What I feel is different about Organic Burst powders, is that even though they are a food supplement, they are a single ingredient supplement, and are also certified organic with Soil Association. It is very clear what you get, when it says Maca you know it is exactly that, just in powder form. Organic burst had a bit of rebranding so my bottles are not looking quiet as fancy, but what's inside is exactly the same.


On my shelf:


Spirulina. This one was a no brainier for me. It contains 64% protein that is supposed to be more absorbable than protein in beef, a source of B vitamins and iron. I try to approach my meals in away that every one will have a little of everything: a bit of protein, some healthy fats etc. If I'm completely honest, I don't like coming up with breakfast ideas. I love having breakfast on holidays, I just pile on different choices from the buffet and it is like the best thing ever. At home it is a different story entirely, and as much as I like sprouted porridge, and raw crackers with nut butter, eggs with steamed spinach, sometimes I just really don't want to do it or eat it. This is when my blender comes into play, and spirulina comes out. Smoothies are my solution to breakfast apathy, and spirulina is what I use to boost it up on the protein side. It tastes just a little metallic to me, but it isn't quiet that noticeable if you start small like with 1/2 teaspoon, although the taste never really bothers me that much. When I'm feeling like doing some beauty DIY, I mix some spirulina with a little raw honey (or manuka, depending what's around) for a face mask.


Maca. Is supposed to help with energy levels and that is why I decided to get it. Organic burst maca is dehydrated and milled to preserve the whole variety of its nutrients. With maca flavour is subtle and just a little sweet. I normally have it on the days when I know I have a lot to do and I know I can't afford to have a midday energy slump. It's very easy to implement as you can sprinkle it on musli, porridge, yogurts or add to smoothies.


Baobab. I love this stuff. Again I decided to get it to add to juices and smoothies to perk me up. The vitamin C and mineral content makes it a great immune booster, so as soon as I'm feeling a little run down I reach for Baobab. The taste is sweet and fruity, really refreshing mixed with fizzy water.


Wheatgrass. Admittedly this wasn't a very thought out purchase. When I used to get juices from a juice bar, I used to get a wheatgrass shot to boost them up, and I really liked the slightly sweet grassy taste. So I just went with the habit by adding it in powder form to my own smoothies and juices at home. Organic burst wheatgrass powder is actually made from the whole leaf to ensure all the fibres are maintained and not discarded. It is a source of vitamins and antioxidants.


When choosing supplements I am always guided by what my body needs, and that varies on day to day and weekly bases, it also depends on what sorts of foods I have been eating. If I have been having plenty of proteins adding a teaspoon of spirulina becomes unnecessary. Look beyond the hype, concentrate on quality and what would benefit your wellbeing. Supplements are not going to turn you into a superhuman, and some health and beauty benefits for certain things have been greatly exaggerated. Just like with skincare it pays to read the label, nutritional value is listed on supplements so you no exactly what percentage of minerals and vitamins is in the product. How well they are absorbed will depend on the quality of the ingredients used and the form the supplements are presented in, and what your overall diet looks like. If you are not sure how to incorpoorate these powders into your food, there are lots of fantastic recipes on Organic burst's Instagram and website.


Food for thought on supplements.


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