Friday 20 November 2015

Fom London event

Last year I found out about a new natural beauty store, Janna Organic. Obviously it went on my must visit list. You can imagine my excitement when it turned out that Fom London was holding an event at this exact venue. I do love it when things work out that way, getting to spend time with the face behind the brand and explore a new to me green beauty store, perfection.

Janna Organic has a wonderful range of brands, with a lot of more budget friendly choices. I spotted some of my personal favourites: Lyonsleaf, Suvana and Pukka. It is not just beauty for the outside, there are plenty of delicious things to boost your glow from within on the shelves too. Of course Fom London is also stocked here.

I feel like I have been aware of Fom for a few years, yet I never tried anything from the brand until last night. When approaching the table I spotted three aromatherapy bottles, yeah you know it, one of those was the very first thing I opened up. I honestly was not expecting to be blown away, I have tried so many blends, and anyone who follows me on social media is probably aware of my favourite brand. Well, I was rather shocked to find that I thought these were just as good. At the moment the blends come as a trio, and are not available individually, but all three are seriously worth having. The mood booster could easily double up as a perfume, so delicious. Zaga, the founder of Fom, suggested that the best way to use them was not on the pulse points but rubbing a little bit between the palms of your hands, cupping your hands in front of your face and then inhaling. This way you will get the most aromatherapeutic benefits from the blends.

I was pleasantly surprised by the scents and textures of all the products, but of course a few things stood out. The cream cleanser for one. Not only does it double up as a makeup remover, it does not have any essential oils that could potentially irritate your eyes and it rinses off cleanly with just water. You do not need to mess around with a wash cloth (you know I do not love dealing with cloths). The eye cream felt super light, and definitely piqued my interest. With my latest body scrub obsession it really is not surprising that I was curious about the one from Fom. The whole body range has the same fresh almost lemony scent, so it is not just the scrub that smells this heavenly, the body oil and butter do to. But the most interesting thing about the scrub was that Zaga assured everyone that it does not leave an oily film. The scrub looked completely set, there were no particles floating in oil or anything like that. It is sugar based but it has some salt in there too. I was very intrigued, apparently I am not the only one since it is sold out on their website! It is still available on Love Lula.

I loved finding out about the brand. It was very reassuring to hear that Zaga worked with cosmetic chemists to ensure the potency and efficacy of the products. They did not purchase any base lotions, all the formulas are completely unique to the brand. I could not find the full lists of ingredients on their website, I did read them for all the products at the event but my memory recall is far from that of good Will Hunting unfortunately. I did not spot anything that I personally found problematic, the preservative used in the water based products was phenoxyethanol (I know not everyone's skin agrees with it, but I have not had issues so far).

Fom is about to undergo rebranding, so once things sell out they are likely to stay that way until all the new packaging is ready to be rolled out (this will be at some point in the new year). In the meantime if you would like to try some of the products out for yourself I have a code for you guys. You can get 20% off on all the products purchased directly from Fom by using EVENT20. The code expires at midnight on Monday (23 of November) so you don't have that much time. Another perk is that they have free worldwide delivery.

Are you guys familiar with this brand? Let me know in the comments.

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