Monday 30 November 2015

The Glow Getter Gathering

I love going to events, they are a perfect opportunity to meet people who are interested in green beauty and of course get better insight into natural/organic brands. I have always felt that beauty is not just about what we put on our skin, and the Glow Getter gathering has been the first event I attended  that shared the same philosophy. Alongside fantastic skincare brands, raw juices and superfoods were showcased. The three hours went by really fast, I did see lots of familiar faces and discovered some interesting products. I can not promise to remember everything that happened, but let's start at the beginning.

Here I am, sitting at Wagamama's furiously texting Amber, trying to figure out how is it possible for her, Sarah and Liz to take so long to find each other in Leicester square. Wait did I go a little too far back? I am guessing you guys are more interested in the Glow Getter event, and not so much in what green beauty bloggers gossip about. Ok, let us fast forward a couple of hours, and we are at Kettners in Soho. After collecting a badge with my name and blog details, having a quick chat with Ailish, the hostess, I finally proceeded to 'work' the room. The brands had stands with their products displayed, so basically I just walked to the first stand and carried on until I spoke with everyone, obviously having I quick chat with anyone who happened to come over at the same time. 

The first point of call was Herb pharmacy, I really like this brand and reviewed some of the products as part of Organic September. I know they have some exciting things happening next year so I would definitely keep an eye on them. My next stop was Blend & Press, the organic juice and smoothie company. They have a shop in Neal's Yard Covent garden, I have no idea how I missed them last time I was there, hm maybe I need a little more green juice to improve my powers of observation. I thought that what they had on offer was pretty incredible, my particular favourites were No 7 Purifying juice and No 10 Glow Smoothie. Yeah I did try every single drink on offer, because I have no shame. I was told that their range of raw foods is scrumptious, I look forward to sampling it next time I am in the area.

Moa balm have recently introduced two new products: a face oil and a bath oil. They also have rebranded with new packaging. I think the illustrations are quirky and fun. The oil formula felt really nourishing. The bath oil is apparently really concentrated, and you only need to use a few drops for the aromatherapy benefits. Probably most of you guys are familiar with Neal's Yard, however, instead of showing off their beauty products, the stand was all about the new range of superfoods. Amazingly, they had some raw vegan food made by the Neal's Yard representative earlier that morning (again I did try everything, like I said no shame). The first thing I had was a seaweed smoothie. You guys probably already know that I love my seaweed, yet I did raise an eyebrow, it is not exactly something I would think to put in a smoothie, but oh wow was it delicious. All the recipes are on their website, and I was reassured that they are simple, but I do wonder how simple could chocolate with physalis filling really be? It did taste incredible.

The next station was Aurelia, famous for their use of peptides and probiotics (so only the oils do not contain milk derivatives). I have never reviewed their products, but I have tried them. They are really good quality and give results. This was the first time that I had a closer look at their bamboo cloth, and I really liked how soft it was (even though I am not a huge fan of face cloths in general). Right next to them was the Chuckling Goat stand. This brand was completely new to me, from what I could tell it seemed quiet fun. It is a small family run business, and products are based on the kefir made from goat's milk (yes they actually keep their own goats, around 30 and the goats are free range, and no they do not become food). 

Therapi honey skincare made some drinks with their toner, a little bit out their but hey it's a party (although no, do not do it at home, toner should be sprayed on your face not your tongue). I love that Tanya, the founder, is so passionate about bees, and I am actually testing the above mentioned toner as we speak, so stay tuned. My next stop was Antipodes, here is were my hands got introduced to more cream than they ever experienced in their life. The textures and scents of the products are absolutely fab, it is not surprising that it is so popular with green beauty bloggers (I haven't really tried much from the range, but it is now on the wish list). Jason is not a brand that I use a lot, but they do have some really decent products in the line up. Not everything is up to my personal standards ingredient wise, but if you are on a small budget they do have some really good options.

The last stand was from Angela Langford, who is a chef. She was passionate about natural skincare for a long time, and after initially deciding to make her own products to save money, it eventually led to her taking courses and training to be a skincare formulator. All the products are made in house and are often inspired by what can be found in the kitchen. I must admit I only found about the brand a few weeks ago when the news of their rebranding reached my inbox, but I was immediately attracted to their philosophy. I am very excited to try some of the products that I was given.

I left with a generous goodie bag and an inspirational print (I got the print because I was one of the first people to purchase the ticket to the event). It was a mixture of fab people, delicious food and wonderful atmosphere. Now I just want to do it all over again.

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