Tuesday 7 June 2016

Ministry of herbs tea blends

My love for tea knows no bounds, but if you examine closely what I drink day to day it can't be strictly speaking classified as tea, more appropriate name would be herbal infusions. There are so many blends to choose from and some of them have real health benefits. If you are trying to get more out of your cuppa (be it herbal or otherwise), there is just no comparison to whole leaf, tea bags are very convenient but they don't give the same benifits or taste as whole herbs.

Ministry of Herbs teas are exclusive to Content, and are blended by Medical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist Jennifer Derham using certified organic herbs. Each one is special in its own way. To make cleaning up easier I brew my loose tea in a french press and enjoy it through out the day.

skin tea peridot

Content Skin Tea is based on botanicals traditionally used to support your entire systems, specifically skin concerns which are a related to hormonal, digesting and detoxifying issues. This is a mix of red clover, marigold, cleavers, alfalfa, hibiscus and orange peel. It isn't the most tastiest of blends but hibiscus and orange peel balance it out nicely, and it does grow on you.  I am pretty balanced in my eating, but I do have a little soft spot for fast food like chips, pizza, and burgers (it is that pickle, gets me every time). Whenever I over indulge my skin lets me know, and without fail, skin tea helps things go back on track. My favourite thing about this blend is that it doubles up as a face steam, and if you pop some ta liquid in a spray bottle once it is cooled, it makes a refreshing summer toner (keep it in he fridge and change the liquid every 2 days as it doesn't stay fresh for long). You can easily mix some of this tea instead of water with clay masks to get double the action.

hayfever tea peridot

Content hayfever tea is not something I use, I bought it for my other half who has mild symptoms and this tea really does the trick (provided that he actually drinks it). I have tried it out of curiosity and Nettle, Elderflower, Lime blossom, Eye bright, and Lemon peel make a very palatable concoction. For what I consider to be a medicinal blend, it tastes almost nice. Most importantly it works for him, so it is a staple in this house.

cleanse tea peridot

Content Cleanse tea combines anti-inflamatory, immune boosting, antioxidant and digestion supporting herbs. This is the sort of tea I enjoy throughout the day when I am feeling a little blah. It has a very light aromatic taste to it, a little on the floral side. I always feel like my body had a reboot after drinking this tea.

dream tea peridot

Content Dream tea is the latest addition to the fold and as you can guess it is a mixture of calming herbs. My brain likes to get over excited and doesn't always want to switch off in the evenings. This tea is my trump card. Rose and lavender in the blend make it such an aromatic infusion, a true pleasure to drink. Oat straw, lemon balm and hops also add to the sedative effects of the blend, and introduce their own flavours to the party. I like to switch of all electronics an hour before bedtime and read while sipping on a cup of Dream tea, good night's sleep guaranteed.

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