Monday 27 March 2017

Niki Groom Makers 4 Refugees Auction

I don't usually share artwork by other artists on this blog, but I have a pretty good reason to break the status quo. Niki Groom, who happens to be one of my favourite illustrators, is auctioning some of her artwork every evening this week as part of the Makers 4 Refugees project. All the proceeds are going to Help Refugees UK. The project has currently raised 5000 with the target being 10000.

Quiet a few years ago, I happened to attend one of the workshops run by Niki, this was one of the turning points for me personally as I realised that illustration was something that I would like to pursue. Her work is absolutely incredible, and I can bear witness to the fact that she can create some fantastic pieces in a very short time. However, her Kenzo painting took a full 3 weeks to complete. The original artwork is all done by hand, and resulting prints are giclee. Every auctioned item will come with a hand wrapped parcel that will include some of Niki's greeting cards, packaged in materials from her personal collection, including some of her favourite pieces of paper, beautiful stamps, and a hand drawn greeting tag. You will be receiving something truly special.

The auction will take place on Instagram every evening at 8pm, starting today (in a matter of hours) with a one-off A4 Kenzo (artists proof) and a hand wrapped parcel. Each day you will be able to bid for a different piece of artwork and Sunday will conclude with a one to one 2 hour art lesson with Niki in Bristol and a hand wrapped parcel.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in the past year, and it can leave us pretty helpless. Makers 4 Refugees is such a heartwarming project, and if you happen to make the winning bid at the auction, you will be a proud owner of some truly meaningful artwork.

 *all the photos courtesy of Niki Groom.

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