Wednesday 26 April 2017

Golds + Corals | Makeup

When it comes to makeup there are certain matches that just seem to go hand in hand, like a black eyeliner flick with red lipstick, or smokey eye and a nude lip. For me, golds and corals are one of those matches. When the weather starts calling for warmer makeup looks it is my go to. Even if I'm far too pale to pull of bronzer, there is always a shade of gold that will work.

This look is pretty simple and doesn't involve a lot of products, it relies on the subtle vibrancy of the colours to make your features pop.

For the eyes:

Starting of with rms eyeshadow in solar, applied with the rms eye polish brush*. Solar is a true gold, and it looks pretty intense in the pot. If you don't want it to crease you do need to blend it, making the application a little more subtle, but it still has plenty of impact. I absolutely love the eye polish brush*, it is super soft yet firm, it works so well with the cream eyeshadow. The pigment is more intense when applied and blended with the brush than it is with the finger, and I also experience less creasing. I applied solar on the upper lid from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye up to the crease.  About 1/3 of the way in from the inner corner I applied rms swift shadow in sunset beach SB-48*. This shade is a peachy gold, and the too shadows work together so well to create a little more depth. With the cream and powder shadows combined I did not experience any creasing in the 8 hours that I had my makeup on. 

The last step was one coat of rms defining mascara* on the upper lashes only. It gives both volume and definition, and when on my upper lashes it behaves perfectly. However on my lower lashes it seems to migrate (I tend to mostly use mascara on upper lashes lately, but I always test it out on both just to see how a mascara behaves).

On the lips:

As long as my lips are not dry for whatever reason, I use lipstick straight away without liner or primer. Especially if it is something in a daytime shade. Neek lipstick in Sunsets* is a medium bright coral, which can be applied super subtly or to its full pigment. For this look I went with a really light touch. The formula is really moisturising and the finish is matte with a touch of gloss (like you would get from a lip balm). It feels really nice on the lips and doesn't dry them out in the slightest. The colour needs reapplying after eating or drinking, but otherwise it seems to stay put (it is a little difficult to test out since I'm sipping on water frequently throughout the day).

If you want to take this look a step further for the nighttime you could add brown eyeliner and a little blush.

*PR samples as part of the Love Lula blogger program, I chose all the products myself. Opinions are my own, honest and based on personal experience with the products. As per usual, it is all about being true to myself on these blog pages.

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