Sunday 4 August 2013

Bottom of the jar

A post about the products that I have finished or the products that are nearly used up...
Oh yeah it is that time again, when I feel like all the money that I spent on my beauty products was not wasted, as I actually finished them!

Ctonics shampoo. This is it, no more Ctonics! I have run out of my favourite shampoo/treatment. Every time my hair stopped being manageable (even though my routine was exactly the same), I would turn to this shampoo and like magic, it would make my hair soft and shiny. A small part of me is looking forward to trying to find an alternative, but mainly I am just sad that this product is no longer available. The replacement that I have in mind is morocco method (ingredients seem similar, and so is the method of washing your hair).

Oskia renaissance mask. I have done a review of this product before. There is nothing I don't like about it. Smells great, has a lovely gel/balm texture, and really delivers soft and glowy skin. I have been using it sparingly once every few weeks for about half a year and then summer came, and I started using it about twice a week. It is something I will repurchase once I clear up a few more masks away from my shelves.

English Rose Floral water. I have a brand of rose water that I use pretty much exclusively, but I also like to support small start ups, so I got a couple of floral waters from the Little skincare shop. I think I chose rose water out of habit, as it is one of the floral waters I use most. It is a little more fragrant than the water I normally use. You have to be careful with floral waters, even though a lot of them are very good for sensitive skin, the method of extraction (as a lot of them are a byproduct of essential oils production) could use chemicals that your skin will react to (that is why I normally prefer organic waters). I have not had any reaction to this water, the effects were the same as from any good quality rose water. Even though I normally prefer a spray bottle, I found that the standard bottle made it easier to use with clay masks. Organic waters and spray bottles is something that the Little skincare shop will be introducing in the future, so watch this space!

W3ll people Narcissist. This is the old formula and old packaging. Still my favourite stick foundation/concealer. Works well with my skin, doesn't disappear mid day and lets my skin shine through, so I don't look like I am caked in make-up. I have tried the new formula and like it even more. I will be purchasing it as soon as I finish up some of the other concealers (which I haven't been using because this one is so much better).

Yarok feed your volume shampoo sample. Now I don't normally include samples in my "bottom of the jar" posts, but I really liked this shampoo, and I purchased a full sized bottle before my sample ran out. It smells sort of mildly sweet and herbal, really delivers with the volume that it promises, and it makes my head feel really clean (which not many natural shampoos do in my experience). I do find that you need to follow it with a good conditioner, in order for your hair not to cross over to the puffy side of voluminous. Oh and there is a discount code for 10% off "summer10" on the "a beautiful world website" where I purchased Yarok shampoo.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


  1. Oh yay for empties! Have you tried Vapour Luminious foundation / concealer? Wondering how it will compare with W3ll People Narcissist. I love the ingredients in Vapour more, but many people have been raving about the W3ll People one as well.

    I love love Yarok Leave-In conditioner. Maybe their shampoo and conditioner are worth a try as well ;)

    1. I tried their foundation and it made me a little shiny, I find that w3ll people is much better.
      Yarok is great! Unfortunately their conditioners have jojoba so I can't use them, but I have heard good things :)