Thursday 15 August 2013

Man stuff

There are some guys who are super interested in skincare, and have shelves filled with products. Yet there are others (like my husband) who are just not bothered, they have a few basic products and they are pretty content with those.

Now my other half has been super supportive with my journey into all things natural and organic. He does the recycling, doesn't grumble over Ecover washing powder and the organic veggie boxes. Yet when I suggested that his few staple bathroom products had to be changed, his face looked stricken. "Why?" followed by a lengthy explanation from me, followed by a sigh from him, followed by "fine, whatever". Hey I take my victories whenever I can.

Every time a product wouldn't quiet work it would be followed by a question: "why can't I use such and such product again?" And the process would be repeated.

When it comes to SPFand shower gel, he is more then happy to use whatever ones I have (well not the rose scented ones). But the rest of the products are all his own, never tested by me.

A'kin Mandarin Shampoo. This turned out to be one of the easiest things to switch out. His conventional shampoo would cause sensitivities from time to time, so not much persuasion was needed.

 A'kin shampoo comes in a concentrated formula so even though the bottle seems small, you need less product. It smells lovely, just like mandarins, but it doesn't linger on the hair ( yes I did the sniffing myself). My man is very happy with this shampoo and hasn't had any sensitivities to it so far. I buy it in my local health food store, but it is available on amazon (other scents are available on love lula).

Weleda Shaving cream. Shaving cream was one of the harder things to replace, because he really liked the one he has been using forever. And the first natural one that he tried, has caused his face to burn (needless to say it took some serious persuasion for him to give natural shaving products another shot).

Weleda version works in the usual way of lather up and apply, so he doesn't have to adjust his ways (not that he would be willing). Also I have noticed that his skin doesn't become at all irritated after shaving any more (and it used to with the conventional product).

Burt's bees aftershave. This is the only moisturising product that he has (and his skin looks perfect, I am not jealous, repeat I am not jealous). So this is what he uses after shaving, to keep his cheeks and chin from getting dry and irritated.

From what I can see, it does what it's supposed to, the smell is not offensive in any way (it has that scent that I associate with male products, without actually smelling of anything in particular). And the main point he is using it without any complaints!

There is one more product that he has been using and really likes. It is the Trilogy two in one, face wash and scrub. He actually asks for me to repurchase it! Unfortunately I just found out that it has been discontinued, so I will have to look for a replacement.

Next on the swapping out agenda: a clean deodorant. But I fear this might be a "mission impossible".


  1. I've suggested using cleaner products to my boyfriend and he wasn't having any of it - he's pretty stuck in his ways :p might note down some of these though in case he changes his mind :p x

    1. ha ha, yeah it was a bit of an uphill struggle for me too :)