Tuesday 6 August 2013

Ilia beauty white rabbit lipgloss review

Lip glosses are the latest addition to the Ilia make-up line. I was rather intrigued, and even though lip glosses aren't always my favourite things, they seemed like a great summery product, well and I liked the name "white rabbit" (very Alice in wonderland).

This gloss was not quiet what I expected (I do have somewhat wild imagination), nonetheless, it is beyond any doubt lovely.

It looks mostly clear with very fine shimmer. On the lips it feels like you were a bit overgenerous with a lip balm application. Not sticky at all. Overall effect on the lips is that wet look, that editors of Vogue used to favour in their summer beauty features ( I haven't read it for a few years, they might not anymore).

While it is nice on its own, this shade really comes to shine when layered over another lipstick (red looks especially good). If you decide to layer, I suggest using another brush to get the gloss out (or being very, very careful), otherwise the lipstick will colour your lip gloss wand.

The gloss comes off when eating or drinking, but the shimmer stays behind until you use a make-up remover.

Packaging is pretty and functional (just what I have come to expect from Ilia). I am very curious about the other colours, I will probably get a few in the future, depending on how pigmented they are.


  1. Congratulations on 10 000 views :)
    By the way,nice photos

  2. Oh pretty shimmers! How does this lip gloss taste like? :D

    1. it has a faint sweet scent, but doesn't really taste of anything....maybe like a little oily aftertaste that you get from lip balms sometimes :)