Wednesday 11 September 2013

La Bella Figura rainforest hydrating treatment review

I was planning to save up my La Bella figura mini treats until I used up some of my already opened skincare. But I just couldn't resist for very long.

I have this weakness for very hot showers (terribly bad for your skin, but so so good for my morale), so whenever I am washing my hair I do everything in my power to restore the lost moisture to the delicate facial skin.

The rainforest hydrating treatment is best suited to very dry skin types or skin in need of TLC, due to environmental stress like sun damage, extreme weather conditions (or hot showers in my case).
Now my skin is definitely not dry, it varies from normal to oily depending on the season. Because of that, it is not a product that I would use everyday under normal circumstances. I have been using it 2-3 times a week for the past month.

First of all it appears almost solid in the jar, I think having a little spatula to scoop out some of balm is the best way to go. Once applied, this little treat melts right into the skin and is surprisingly light. My face feels immediately hydrated and calm.

I have used this both in the daytime and at night, and have to say that I have no preference. It works wonderful both ways, and is pretty good under make-up. What makes this product stand out for me is the fact that it doesn't make my skin at all greasy. It is a waterless balm, yet it feels lighter than some face creams that I have tried in the past. I only need a very small amount for my entire face, and with using it a couple of times a week (when my skin is in need of a hydration boost), even my little jar will last me a good few months.

The second point of distinction is the gorgeous scent. La Bella Figura have to be some of the most beautifully smelling products that I have used. This balm smells like a gorgeous bouquet of exotic flowers, and I mean like fresh flowers, not an imitation floral scent of a synthetic perfume. Yet it is not a strong scent that would overpower your senses (you will smell it during the application and then it will disappear in a few moments), it is very well balanced.

I find this product to be exactly what it promises to be: a treatment for skin in need of extra hydration. It is an absolute pleasure to use. I think it will be wonderful during the upcoming colder weather.

La Bella Figura ship internationally, but if you are patient, they are working on coming to the UK retailers. Mind you the list of products that I would like to try from this brand keeps growing, I am afraid I will want to try the whole line by the time they get here!


  1. Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for this lovely review! We agree that Rainforest Hydration Treatment is light and deeply moisturizing. It's perfect for Fall and Winter when skin is exposed to colder climates and dries out faster. So glad you are enjoying it. Stay tuned because we are working on our first face cream and cleanser and hopefully we will have a whole skincare regimen from day to night to help our Bellas reveal their most radiant skin.


    La Bella Figura

    1. Sounds great! I wish you guy were in UK already!

  2. I really have my eye on La Bella figura, I love the sound of this, great review Tammy :) Xx

    1. Thank you! I really like everything I have tried from them :)

  3. The ingredients sound like heaven, I approve! It's also nice to know that you can use this as a deep cleanser :)