Friday 4 July 2014

Content summer wellbeing festival collection

If you are a regular shopper at Content you would have noticed that they started doing these little sampler wellbeing and beauty kits from time to time. This particular collection goes together with their second Summer Festival (they have a wonderful selection of events so if you are in London it is well worth checking out).

I am a huge fan of selection boxes and as have been on a little bit of a health kick this was doubly appealing.The amount of products and brands are the same for everybody but there is some variation in what type of products from a brand you will get.

Everyone will get this:

The Wellbeing Guide to London Is a pretty awesome compilation of different places serving healthy organic food, yoga retreats, spas and other cool wellbeing destinations like a cafe and bicycle workshop two in one. The book is divided by destinations into Central, West, East, North, South and there is also a section called "words of wellbeing" which is pretty cool (it has short essay type writings by different people on fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition). I am very pleased to have this, as I am only aware of very few of these places I would say about 80% of what is in this guide is a revelation. The size is very compact and there is even a foldout map at the back,

Superseeds meet your maca by Punch foods is a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, coconut sugar and maca (all the ingredients are organic). I already tried these and they are really tasty, not overly sweet, would be perfect mixed with some yogurt in the mornings, but I am more then happy to eat them as they are as a snack.

Sun warrior raw vegan protein 25g sachet (mine came in chocolate, but I know there is a vanilla version, not sure if that would vary between kits). This is a protein supplement that you add to water, rice milk or your favourite beverage. Amongst other things it is supposed to be a good source of energy. That is really important for me at the moment, as I am not sleeping too well due to stress (and probably not having enough protein), so energy levels are a little low. I tried it mixed with coconut milk and it works really well. I have one of those glasses for protein mixes, but you could also use a blender to mix it up.

 It tasted a bit like liquid chocolate cookies, I think I would prefer the vanilla version as there is only so much chocolate I can handle, but I would not mind having it again. It is much nicer than some other protein shakes that I have tried in the past.

Pai Camellia & Rose cleanser 50 ml. I have had a full sized bottle of this cleanser awhile back and we did not get along. I ended up using it as a shower cream for the body. I think I will give it another go, my skin seems less reactive now, we will see if it works better for me second time around.

Aurelia firm & revitalise dry body oil (sample dropper bottle I think around 7,5 ml). This smells similar to their facial oil. It feels quiet light, a very pleasant oil to use. Good first impressions.

Specific to my kit:

Ambre botanicals Cupacu and Nut oils body butter 15 ml (the other options were body oil or hand balm). Oh my this stuff smells amazing! Very fresh, a little citrus zestiness and a slight peppery undertone, just beautiful. It sinks in well, but I think it would be best applied to damp skin. I am a huge fan of ambre and I have been wanting to try this for awhile, rather pleased to get this.

Four sigma foods Sport sachet (you would either get sport or mind). So this is an herbal mix of schisandra, goji berries, rhodiola and eluethero. This power mix is supposed to help with strength, energy, increase burning of fat and help with fatigue during and after workouts. You can use this as a pre-workout booster or as a sports drink during exercise. I have not tried it yet, but I am very curious about it.

Therapi Lemon Myrthle honey gel cleanser 5ml  and moisturiser 5ml (I believe you would get a cleanser and moisturiser but the type would vary between kits). Lemon Myrthle collection from therapi is for oily skin types which is exactly what I need in the summer. I have heard lots of good things about this range so I am looking forward to testing it out.

Tata Harper Irritability Aromatic treatment sample possibly between 1-2 ml (you could get bedtime or stress versions). Honestly it is like the guys at Content know me! I can get quiet irritable at times and although I would love to try all the options, this was the one I was secretly hoping for. It is not the biggest sample so I will only open it when the need arises.

The wellbeing festival collection will set you back £18.00 and I have attempted to calculate the actual value of the kit. After combining the book ( £10), pai cleanser ( £12.50), ambre body butter ( £3,12), superseeds ( £3.99) and sun warrior blend ( £1.25), I arrived to the value of £30.86 and gave up on trying to figure out the value of the remaining 4 samples. I think this is a really well rounded selection of goodies and very good value for money. It is available until the end of the festival (19th of July), so if you want it you only have two weeks to get your hands on it!


  1. Ooooh great selection box for sure!

    Mayah x

  2. I picked this up too and loved the contents x