Monday 28 July 2014

Interview with George Jones (Bathing Beauty)

When I met George the creator of Bathing Beauty, the first thing that struck me was her energy. You can tell this is not a lady that sits still. As we were talking I just could not get over how glowy and radiant her skin was (without makeup as far as I could tell). Immediately I wanted to know all her beauty secrets.

From talking to her, I got the feeling that George doesn't hold back any punches when it comes to something she believes in. And after trying a few of her products (anoint oil for shy skin being a firm favourite), I strongly suspect that the secret ingredient is passion.


RF: What are the origins behind your brands product names? Why bathing beauty?

GJ: When it comes to names behind the products, like my children's names, I usually have the name first. I wanted every part of the product, from ingredients, labelling, graphics and packaging to reflect my ethos: to be functionally effective, to accept no compromise, to never sacrifice the purity of the product on the alter of profit margins.

I have a ridiculously busy life and I hate "flannel", unnecessary ingredients, and the "green washing" that surrounds the natural beauty industry. I like subtle humour. For example, My skin healing shave oils for men and women are called Up Close, And Personal. I feel it describes the purpose well, where you apply it, with the bonus of making me smile.

My company name Bathing Beauty, which I am delighted is now a registered trademark, follows that need for directness, honesty, and clarity. Plus I like a little alliteration!

RF: The legendary oat and honey soap was the first product you created for bathing beauty, but which one was the most fun to come up with?

I love all my products they are created in direct response to a need: mine, a family members or a patient. And I get such satisfaction when the positive feedback comes in.
Gauntlet, sock, soothe, jones the bones to name a few.

RF: Not all soaps are made equal, what sets yours apart?

GJ: My soaps are fantastic. Made by hand( mine!). They take a minimum of 4 WEEKS to make
It goes without saying that I do not use parabens, sulphates, or fragrance oil in my soaps.
I also do not use cheap bulking oils found in many natural soaps such as Palm oil. Or cheap nut oils such as sweet almond oil.
The Legendary Oat and Honey Soap now renamed Miracle, is my natural alternative to the petrochemical based eczema products.I use spring water from St Dyfnogs Well. A fifth century pilgrimage site and reputed to have skin healing properties. I use organic coconut, olive and sunflower oils. To this I had healing local honey, and calming organic oats. Miracle looks like flapjack, smells like butterscotch and lathers like a dream..

Like all my products, each soap has a purpose. Some even have a waiting list!

Every winter I make Seville, a fabulously Festive soap with cinnamon and orange essential oils. It is a limited edition soap that is only on sale from the end of October - January. I usually post on Facebook as the first batch goes to cure, within a couple of days the first batch has been reserved!.

Another soap that takes some making is Rosebud. I add melted Shea butter ( organic and Fair trade of course) and this creates a super luxe finish, which takes 5 weeks to cure. So special, Each bar is crowned with 10 rosebuds- Sandra from Beauty Balm loves it.

3 Kings is another seasonal soap. A wonderfully heady scent from pure frankincense and myrrh essential oils.Each bar is topped with 22ct gold leaf - It takes a very steady hand!

RF:You are one busy lady, do you have a morning ritual that helps you start your day? 
GJ: Ideally I like to have a glass of hot water and a slice of lemon. I used to drink it religiously when I was a model in Milan. My mother recently told me that her Italian grandmother also used to drink it in the morning to keep her complexion clear. Always wear sunscreen, at least SPF 30. I always apply it to my chest, like hands, this area is often overlooked and over the years can start to show signs of sun damage.
Without fail I always apply Balaclava protective face salve before going out in the mornings. It's an amazing product, like many of mine, it's anhydrous, water free, therefore doesn't chill against your skin. It's used by riders, runners, cyclists, gardeners. I fact anyone who needs climate control for their face.
I keep Sock foot Salve and Gauntlet hand salve on my bedside table. I try to rub some on whilst lying in the dark getting to sleep. I've recently added Rose Quartz Facial Rollers to my routine.I have a double ended roller. I find you have best effects by keeping them in the fridge. I use them as a toning and decongesting tool. In fact, I'm about to start stocking them - watch this space

RF: When life gets hectic skincare routines tend to be less strictly followed. Which beauty steps would you never skip?

GJ: I never skip sunscreen and skin nourishing (using Balaclava, or Anoint facial oil for Wise Skin depending on the time of year). I'm not championing any particularly natural sunscreens at the moment. That said I have been trying Lavera and want to try Josh Rosebrook's nutrient day cream with SPF 30.

RF:If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, what products do you turn to? 

GJ: When stressed or exhausted I use Soothe Body Oil Infusion. The Infused St Johns Wort oil, is incredibly calming, it has a good neurogenic effect. The High Altitude Lavender is very soporific and soothing.

RF: Most importantly are you a tea or a coffee gal?

GJ: I have real trouble controlling my energy levels,  I have an underactive thyroid ,and if I'm anxious coffee can send me round the bend! likewise if I'm on an up and creating products, coffee will make me really hyper. That said I do appreciate a good coffee!I like a good cup of tea, made in a teapot, using Clipper Organic Tea. I get quite into Tick Tock Rooibos Tea in January when we do our annual detox!

End of interview

I think it is time for a little confession, I have been all over the Bathing Beauty website reading up on all the ingredients and descriptions of George's products. I have to say that if you ever saw her products in person, I pretty sure you would be just as obsessed as me. After thinking about it for hours I came up with my very own Bathing Beauty wish list of the products that I want to try the most.

The Mount Olympus body scrub stole my heart after the first sniff, I was trying out this alien thing to me, self restraint, at the LNLO show, and that is why I did not get it then and there. I am sort of kicking myself because every time I am in the shower I am imagining how fantastic it would be to have some of the fresh smelling goodness. George grows her own rosemary for this scrub, need I say more?

Face masks for Shy skin and another one for Troubled skin made it onto the list for obvious reasons. I love face masks! Well while the previous statement is true, it is not the only reason, not even the main one. Both of these are a sort of two in one: scrub and face mask, and they come in four individually sealed pots for freshness. The shy skin version consists of white clay, ground outs and freeze dried bananas. The troubled version is a mixture of my favourite rhassoul clay and freeze dried raspberries. I feel that between these two versions all my skin reincarnations would be covered.

One other product that has me intrigued is the Face tea, it also comes in the three versions like the other face products: for shy skin, for wise skin, for troubled skin. There was no picture but it is a mixture of loose dried herbs, so it is not hard to imagine what it looks like. I used to do these facial steams with chamomile flowers way back, and they were always great followed by a clay mask. Would be definitely interesting to see what a mixture of herbs could do.

Also how about that limited edition Seville soap? My soap obsession has no bounds and when you throw the magic words 'limited edition' into the mix, well my eyes light up and the little want monster gets out of control.

So have you guys tried Bathing Beauty, and if not what would your wish list look like?


  1. I've met George a few times and she is a lovely lady along with her amazing products. I like Sock & Pop (how awesome are the names!)

    1. Totally, they are straight to the point yet so cute and clever!xx

  2. Ahh what a lovely interview! George's products sound amazing!

    1. Thank you! From what I've tried so far I am very impressed xx

  3. You're right, the scrub is amazing! ;-) x

  4. My favourite is Amorose body balm and Balacalava, great interview George is wonderful Xx

    1. I was looking at those two as well, I am afraid once I start there will be no stopping me ;) xx