Sunday 27 July 2014

The Sunday Sample Files

This is proving to be harder than I initially anticipated. As Monday rolled by I made my picks, but I did not start using most of the until the middle of the week, and of course I found finishing them up a struggle. For that reason I gave myself an extension of an extra week for this batch of samples, but I do have a bit of the mask and soap left.

Last weeks picks:

Yuli Halcyon cleanser. I think Yuli has become my latest obsession, but I am not too sure about the cleanser. The sample I had was small, I managed to stretch it out to three uses, but it was not long enough to decide. I liked the gel texture, and that it only foams slightly. But I am not the biggest fan of the scent. Yuli don't create products based on how they smell, but so far I really enjoyed all the others, not this one though. Halcyon goes in to the maybe pile.

Weleda cellulite oil. Luckily this particular issue is not a major concern for me, while I do notice some imperfections you really need to be up close and personal to see it. I am not sure if this oil has any real cellulite busting abilities, as I have not used it long enough, but it did make my skin very soft and it smells lovely. A maybe.

Red apple lipstick Vogue. Using this up just did not happen the first week. It is a nice colour, but because I could not take the sample with me to reapply during the day, it took forever to finish. Texture is superb, moisturising yet pigmented, Vogue also happens to smell delicious like sugar coated fruit.

I am not looking to buy any more lipsticks at the moment and by the time I do, I am simply not sure that it would get purchased, despite how lovely it is, it is just not a colour that I am very excited about. It goes to the no pile

Dr Bronners magic soap solid bar. I am not even going to guess how long I had this. I thought I would open it to give my brushes a clean. Normally I would use the liquid version, but since I use a solid product to clean my painting brushes, I thought i would try it out. It works just fine. I wet the brush, swirl it on the soap gently, then rinse. I did not use it up yet, but it is a start. I will be sticking to the liquid version in the future. The no pile.

S.W. Basics hibiscus mask. I absolutely adore this mask, it is one of the scariest looking when it is on, but it leaves my skin radiant. It is also very economical. I did experience some tingling, but my skin did not look red or irritated after I washed it off. This gets a green light.

The tally at the end of the week:


  1. I really want to try some RAL lipsticks and see how they work for me since lipsticks usually don't work so well for my chapped lips. I wanna try the Hibiscus mask soooooo bad too! xo

    1. Their glossy lipsticks should work for you I would. How about ilia lip conditioners, have you tried those? The hibiscus mask is sooo good, wish I didn't hesitate to get it before, and now I will have to wait forever! Xx

  2. That lipstick colour looks lovely! Where did you get a sample from? x

    1. When red apple sent me the two lippies for review they also sent a sample of vogue xx