Saturday 22 November 2014

Christmas gift ideas

I love the run up to Christmas, all the shops come up with some cookie items that you never see for the rest of the year. The craft fairs with delicious food and handmade items, and of course the beauty gift sets. While the process of finding the right gifts can be immensely frustrating, it is also one that I really enjoy. I like coming up with a theme for a person and then creating a package that fits it.

All the gift bundles in this post are ideas of presents, and not really the exact things that I will be giving this year, simply because I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet. If you are curious about the beauty gift sets that I decided to go for here is the video.

For the Holistic beauty.

 This present bundle is for someone who likes the idea of approaching beauty from inside out and is happy to have a simple skincare routine.

Eat Pretty. Is a book full of insight, the cover is very girly but also fun and the advice is very sound.

Content Beauty skin tea. This is probably not the most delicious thing in  the world, but it is also not the worst. I found it to be really beneficial to my skin, and you can also use it topically in the form of a toner.

Morihata face cloth. This organic face cloth is fast drying and incredibly gentle, perfect to use with oil or balm cleansers, plus it look rather stylish.

Lyonsleaf beauty balm. This is your skincare routine in a jar, it is a cleanser and moisturiser, plus regular use of face cloth could make the need for exfoliator redundant.

For the Dreamer.

This is for someone who likes fairy tails, pretty things and making plans more so than actually pursuing them.

Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass. The clothbound classics from Penguin is simply gorgeous to look at, it is a wonderfully crazy story that someone who hasn't lost their child like enthusiasm will likely appreciate.

Enamelled mirror. Continuing with the theme of the story, and one can not have too many cute looking compacts surely?

Marble and Milkweed rosy lip tint. This is a lovely, lightly tinted lip balm that  smells fabulous.

Lotus Wei  Holiday Cactus. Your own very version of the "Drink me" potion, helps to promote gratitude, awareness of your legacy, mindfulness. Tastes like honey berry nectar and helps you form a clearer picture of what you want to achieve.

For the Romantic.

This is for the person who likes a happy endings, candle light dinners and dainty things.

Pride and Prejudice. Another cloth bound classic, this is one of my favourite books, it takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion, the writing transports to another time and yes the ending is a happy one.

People tree bow earrings and bracelet. Very delicate looking set that won't look out of place during the day or in the evening.

Indigo wild Zum lavender and mint candle. This gorgeous candle transforms a room in to a summer garden, perfect for relaxing in a bath or for setting the mood.

For the Adventurer:

This is for someone who is always on the go, enjoys the great outdoors and hasn't lost their sense of adventure.

Treasure Island (clothbound classic). You say adventure, I say treasure hunting and pirates. While it never makes me want to jump on a ship, it always inspires me to be more active and do something exciting.

People tree Pom Pom hat. One needs to keep warm during all the outdoorsy pursuits. People tree hats are always both stylish and functional.

Green people body brush. One of the best things to give your circulation a boost first thing in the morning, making you ready to face the day.

Badger balm muscle rub. You can use this little gem both before and after strenuous activity, soothes everyday aches and pains, every active person will benefit from it at some point.

Tension soother. When your day is jam packed with excitement there comes a time when you might need some help relaxing. Tension soother promotes calm, courage, and relaxed awareness when times get tough.

For the kitchen God/Goddess.

For foodies and anyone who enjoys coming up with their own recipes a festive food hamper is a great way to go. Just find an appropriate sized basket that you want to fill and go crazy at your local health store or a good supermarket. Possibilities are endless, you can have a theme like an Italian or Japanese cuisine and select items that fit, or just go for random choices of spices, preserves and pulses that you know the recipient enjoys. If you are looking for some slightly unusual ingredients Ottolenghi has you covered (and yes they deliver nationwide, and most things internationally).

Moleskin recipe journal is a perfect place to record all the fabulous creations that they come up with.

I hope this little guide has given you some ideas, and may you find Christmas shopping a pleasure this year.


  1. I love searching for gifts and I am just like you, I like to find the right theme for the person. I would love to read Treasure Island, it sounds like something I'd like. and the book covers are so beautiful! These are all great ideas, I love them!!

    1. Thank you! They have lots of books with these covers, and will be adding a few more to my own collection, you bsolutely must read treasure island! it is the adventure book like no other! xx

  2. What a lovely post, I love how you found products for a certain type of person :) xx

    1. Thank you, I love doing that, I really like finding gifts for people :) xx

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous reccomendations! I'd love to try out that skin tea and beauty balm, and I know someone who would absolutely adore Eat Pretty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the post, you really should get your hands on the tea and the beauty balm both are fantastic xx

  4. Aww this is amazing! I love selecting different bits & pieces for presents too, it makes it loads more personal :)

    1. Thank Amber, you are making me blush. I love walking around stores and Christmas markets to find little things that would make a present a bit more special xx

  5. This is super cute, I like the unconventional route you took! Have you tried the Moleskine recipe journal before?

    1. Thank you Ru, glad you enjoyed the post! yes I have one of my own, I really like it. It has a list of fruit and veg by hemisphere that tells you what is in season as well as calorie counts for different food, different measures and conversions. The recipe section is divided into appetisers, first courses, main dishes, side courses, deserts and cocktail, with about equal amount of pages. Plus a wallet to keep bits of paper and a handful of stickers. Xx