Saturday 1 November 2014

Let's talk RSPB

Warm rays of sun, soft rustle of leaves underfoot, an autumn day when staying indoors is just unthinkable. On such a day my favourite place to be is a park or a botanical garden, where I can enjoy the simple beauty of everything around me, and poke fun at the ducks, who are very happy to show of their behinds from under the water.

As we were about to leave the park an RSPB (Royal society for the Protection of Birds) stall caught our attention (to be truthful it was at the entrance to the area all along, it's just somehow I managed not to see it on the way in). I love animals and a cute fluffy toy is always bound to get my attention, ahem I mean a book about wildlife. When it comes to charities I am very choosy and I ask a lot of questions, and if I'm honest I tend to avoid those people that try to get me to sign up to something on the high street. Somehow this felt different. There was no hard sell, no one was blocking my way or tried to get my attention by shouting, it was just a well presented stall manned by someone who seemed to be happy to be interrogated by me and most importantly I did not feel pressured.

RSPB is a nature conservation charity (so they are not solely concerned with birds, but habitats and other wildlife as well), while most of the projects are UK based they are involved in some international projects as part of BirdLife International. What makes them special is that they run over a hundred of nature reserves around Britain that are open to the public.

If you decide to become a member you get two passes that give you free admission to these nature reserves and a subscription to Nature's home magazine that comes out quarterly (as well as feeling amazing that your money is going towards conservation of animals and their habitats).

Membership fee is a charitable donation so you effectively choose how much you wish to give by setting up a monthly direct debit, the perks are yours regardless of the amount. RSPB pledges that ninety pence from each pound donated goes directly towards conservation. So are you going to vote for Bob?

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