Sunday 2 November 2014

Fall diaries: The Outfit

When I was much younger, it feels like another lifetime, I would practically buy myself a whole new wardrobe with the beginning of each season. I am much wiser now, and I tend to spend my money on a few key pieces here and there that will stand the test of time (and lets face it, I need all the extra cash for beauty products).

This Autumn I was really feeling the colours of red wine and teal, and what do you know turns out they are in fashion at the moment. I did the sensible thing looked through my wardrobe, pulled out everything I had in those colours and realised that although I have plenty of teal, a burgundy jumper wouldn't go amiss.

While I do enjoy dressing up for the evenings, my daytime clothes have to be comfortable and look good without trying. So what is better than a relaxed sweater and skirt combo? A dress that looks like one of course! Hush has the laid back style down to a t and this dress is just a pleasure to wear.

But I don't want you guys to worry, I am definitely not becoming a fashion blogger, just wanted to share my favourite look for the season. Trying to pose for pictures with Mr RF as the photographer is a lengthy process, it goes from "hey you are supposed to take pictures of me not the ducks", to not being able to stand straight from laughter because of the passing commentary.

The dress is called Rosie and comes in two colours, the one I have is Damson/Navy. I would suggest signing up to their news letter as they often send discount codes.


  1. I'm loooooving your outfit and yesss sweater and dress/skirt is my favorite combo. And how I love white stockings too. I want to visit England again! xx

    1. Thank you Asti! Oh it would be totally awesome if you did xx