Wednesday 2 December 2015

On trial | Josh Rosebrook

You can not underestimate the power of a good clear out. Ever since I saw Josh Rosebrook's products on the 'a beautiful world' they have been on my wish list, yet I have not tried anything. I was waiting to finish up some products before taking the plunge (well since I seem to accumulate new beauty goodies at the speed of light, and finish them at a tortoise pace, I never get to the desired level). After Konmariing my home it turned out that I already had quiet a collection of Josh Rosebrook's samples and travel sizes, how was I not aware of this?! To make sure I wouldn't forget again, I put them all in a prominent position on my bedside table and started testing them one by one.

Deep Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. The very first thing that I noticed about this duo was the gorgeous scent. It was like being transported into the orange groves of Seville. The deep nourishing shampoo does not foam a lot, and you need to apply it in a particular way. Dividing your scalp into four sections, top, sides and back, apply a little bit of shampoo to each area, give yourself a head massage and leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes before washing out. Hair is left clean but not stripped. After washing it off follow with the tiniest amount of conditioner on the ends, or from mid length if hair is very long or dry. Josh's approach is that you need to wash your hair every day. Indeed if I did that I think this duo would work very well, but since I don't use styling products daily and my hair is so long this is just not something that would work for me personally. I find that my hair is at its best when I wash it twice a week, but these products were just too rich. The conditioner is super concentrated and I do need only the tiniest amount, I found that it doubles up as a deep conditioning mask making it amazing value for money. Surprisingly the shampoo is also very concentrated, and lasted almost double the amount of time I was expecting it (took me almost two months to finish the travel sized bottle). It was growing on me at the end, but it just isn't the best fit. I do have the full sizes of newly released balancing duo, which I am hoping will be more suited.

Deep hydrating serum. This was love at first sniff. It smells like a delicious sorbet with a hint of vanilla. I had a couple of these pots, so I was using this serum for just over a week. I did see almost immediate results straight after applying it in terms of texture and my skin looked nicely hydrated. I would be very tempted to see what the results would look like after the full month. While I don't feel like the time I used it was sufficient enough for me to makeup my mind, I think this serum is very well worth a second look.

Nutrient day cream. Let's be frank, I was not expecting great things from this product. My skin generally doesn't get along with creams and I have given up, I never even bother requesting samples of them. Of course I still get them as presents, or samples with purchase, but I never go looking for them. Imagine my utter shock when this cream has become not only my favourite from this lineup but I am also determined to get myself a bottle in the new year. I just know if I get it now I'm never even going to attempt to use up some of the products that are approaching their sell by dates, so end of January should be a safe time to get it. The scent is sort of herby, mild and very pleasant. Texture is so light and it absorbs like a dream. My skin looks absolutely amazing after, all calm and even toned, it just suits it perfectly. The product is again really concentrated and I did not  need to use much at all, so I know the bottle will last a decent amount of time and it will be worth every penny.

Cacao antioxidant mask. I was expecting it to be a powder mask, but it isn't. It has a thick consistency, like chocolate icing, and you need to apply it pretty fast to your skin or it will just stay on your fingers. The scent is a little odd, a hint of chocolate but other fragrances in the product just smell strange to me. You keep it on for up to 45 minutes and than rinse it off. The very first time I applied it, I wasn't quiet fast enough. Half of my face had an even layer but the other half made me look like an extra from Mad Max. Despite this I really liked the results, this mask has a really good balance of thoroughly cleansing yet without taking any moisture from the skin. I love how you can use it and not worry about it making your skin overly dry or too oily, it just gives you the best version of your skin.

Overall I have been very impressed with Josh Rosebrook's line, I found that the products work with the skin and not against it. If I could choose only one product it would be the Nutrient day cream. I have never come across a cream that worked this well, and the fact that it has SPF30 is just icing on the cake. I also tried layering it with an oil underneath on the really cold days, and the results are fantastic. Probably one of my favourite skincare finds of 2015.

Have you guys tried anything from Josh Rosebrook? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.

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