Wednesday 16 December 2015

Axiology lipstick review

Have you guys noticed that I have a bit of a lipstick obsession? Hm OK never mind. This past year I have significantly reduced my overall makeup stash, I still love it but I just don't feel like I need thousands of eye shadows and a million bronzers (seriously I am not a makeup artist, I don't need that much variety, only have the one face). Yet somehow none of this sensibility seems to apply when I am faced with a tube of lipstick.  Even when travelling I can't just bring one colour, I need one for every occasion and something to go with my mood. I do have my favourites of course, but I am always excited for new discoveries.

Axiology lipsticks are one of those products that are sure to inspire some serious bathroom envy. You know what I'm talking about, when you take your lippie out for a quick touch up, and all the girls in front of the mirror next to you are craning their necks to figure out what it is you are using. The gold tubes are not only very eye catching, they are really well made, luxury is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at them. There is something ridiculously satisfying about the click mechanism that opens these babies up, and after all this time I'm still loving it. The texture of these lipsticks is very smooth, they glide on really easily, I would say they feel a little more waxy than creamy. It is like they are coating my lips a little rather than sinking in into the skin, creating a sort of barrier from the elements. All the colours that I have create a little bit of a sheen, a slight metallic look but it is more glossy rather than frosty.

Intrinsic is a bronze gold nude, it is not very intense just offers a touch of the metallic sheen to your lips, the natural colour of your kissers still peeks through. Because it is so sheer it is really flattering, works amazingly well with smoky eyes or a paired down bronze look. If you like the idea of beige nude lips, but never found anything that looks flattering, this colour is made for you.

Philosophy* is another nude but this one is a very light soft pink. Not normally something that works with my slightly olive skin tone, but the warmth in this colour makes it absolutely perfect. A very pretty, easy to wear everyday colour. You really don't need to work hard to make it work, leave your face completely bare and a coat of Philosophy on your lips, it will still look good.

Noble is moving into the coral territory. It is a bit brighter than the other colours, but I would still consider it a daytime lipstick. On my lips it is more of a pink coral, a little different to the peachy corals that I tend to like most. It is undeniably flattering and out of all the colours it has become my favourite, it is a very sensual colour without being shouty.

Virtue* is a a cantaloupe orange. I absolutely love this colour, however out of all the colours this seems to be the only one that has a tendency to settle in the lip lines. I do make sure to have plenty of lip balm underneath and it does the trick, but I don't need to do the prep with the other colours. I do use a bit of dark brown eyeliner and plenty of mascara when using Virtue, it creates more of a look, I don't think that this colour works on me stand alone.

Lasting power will depend on what you are doing, this lipstick comes off when you wipe it off, so yes if you are not drinking out of a straw and not careful when you eat it will be gone. Otherwise it just keeps on going, so I would reapply after a meal but that is the only time when you would need to do that. Keep in mind that all of these colours are light, the darker ones in the range may leave more of a tint behind, but I won't know for sure until I try them.

What I really love about Axiology is the fact that their upmarket approach to the product did not compromise on the ethical side. The outer boxes are handmade out of recycled paper, reducing the rubbish lying around Bali, and giving work to local craftsmen. The base oils and butters are organic, and the overall formula is vegan. You really get the best of everything from this brand, an incredible luxe lipstick that not only looks gorgeous from packaging to colour choices, but also has an environmental conscience. I was going through a bit of a nude faze when exploring Axiology, but now I have my eye on some brighter colour, Attitude and Fundamental.

Have you guys tried axiology? Anything catch your eye? Let me know in the comments.

*Two colours were sent to me as PR samples, the other two I purchased myself. As always opinions are honest and based on my experience with the products.

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