Friday 11 December 2015

Christmas gift ideas

I honestly can not believe how quickly this year has gone by, and Christmas is just around the corner. My gift guide is rather late simply because I completely lost track of time. If you are still looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place. Just like last year's post these bundles are themed to fit a personality (so nothing here screams Christmas but rather showcases the way I approach gift giving in general).

For the Artist.

As you probably guessed this is for someone who either is a professional artist or does it as hobby, in a traditional medium (so anyone who still uses paper and paint).

Green guide for artists is a great source of information for those who want to take a more considerate approach with their creations, it explores the toxicity of pigments and even has recipes for making your own glue.

Derwent eco sketching pencils are of the highest quality, but have a lighter foot print. Many artists prefer traditional wood cased pencils because they give a greater variation of lines than a mechanical one. As far as I am concerned you can never have too many pencils so I always love getting them as presents (means I am not going to run out).

Dr Bronner's soap is perfect to clean brushes, I have rose scented one pictured here but the best one would be the baby formula. Brushes are likely to be a fairly expensive investment for most artists and you want them to last a long time, cleaning them properly goes a long way and this soap does a fab job.

For the Traveller.

If you know someone who is on a mission to visit all the corners of the world this gift is for them, 

The Luckies of London travelogue has two sides, one side contains the scratch off map of all the continents and the other side has a diary style notebook. Perfect for keeping track of all of their adventures.

When travelling a lot keeping liquids to a minimum is really helpful, pure chimp solid shampoo bar is a favourite and it can double up as a body soap. Smells like ripe bananas, a big plus in my book.

Radius is the best travel container for soap I have come across and it is made from recycled milk bottles, it comes in a variety of colours.

Badger balm muscle rub is always useful and doesn't take up much space.

For  the classy dame.

This gift is for the lady who appreciates the finer things and likes the outside of her products to reflect the inside.

Bath brew is basically a giant tea bag, you guessed it, for your bath. Since its all inside the bag that means there is no mess to clear up, and once you enjoyed your bathing experience you can use the insides as an exfoliator too.

Axiology are the ultimate when it comes to luxury lipsticks. The clever popping mechanism is just one of the things that makes them so special. The whole experience of using them feels incredibly decadent and the colours are gorgeous. In the picture above are philosophy and noble. 

Audrey Hepburn pop art mugs are a little bit different, when they are filled with hot liquid they change colour. Just bringing a little something different to the table.

For the uber dude.

We all know the one, who doesn't get the point of face cream and only wears sunscreen if you put it on him yourself.

For this guy you won't go wrong with an organic cotton T-shirt, I love browsing people tree sale section to see what they have on offer.

If the guy in question uses a razor weleda shaving cream is absolutely amazing (tried and Mr RF approved, the only natural alternative that did not irritate his sensitive skin). You can change this for a beard oil if your gentleman doesn't shave.

Bodhi and Birch pep noir will be something he won't see coming, it is not just another shower gel, it is aromatherapy in a bottle. Don't be surprised you find that your manly man is suddenly indulging in bubble baths, as this product can be used both ways.

I hope you feel inspired and good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping.

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