Saturday 13 July 2013

Juice Beauty: Alicia Silverstone Purely Kissable Lip colour

I am going through a little bit of a make-up identity crises (no need to panic, it happens every once in a while). I just fancied a bit of a change from all the bright colours I have been using (well I am still using them, just wanted a more neutral alternative for some of the days).

Browsing on Naturisimo, I spotted the Alicia Silverstone Purely Kissable lip colour. I am not normally one for celebrity make-up lines (and I haven't used anything by Juice beauty), but it looked like a perfect nude pink, and for once the online photo was pretty much identical to what it looks like in real life.

When I opened the outer box I was like, why did they put a box inside a box? And then I remembered, that the outer casing of the lipstick is made out of carton (the twisting mechanism is plastic), I think that is very cool.

They describe this shade as "universal shade of pink that flatters all skin tones". I am not sure that such a shade exists, but I can see how this would be flattering on a lot of people. It most definitely looks great with my pail, slightly olive skin (and not many pink nudes do).

The formula itself is nicely hydrating, aroma is pleasant (mildly fruity but it is not a strong scent). It has a nice amount of pigment to it and looks slightly glossy (like Ilia tinted balms). It does make my lips tingle slightly when first applied.

A great colour for daytime or to pair up with smoky eyes.

You would need to reapply after eating or drinking.

Overall I am very impressed and would repurchase, there is also a highlighter in this range that caught my eye, if it is as good as this lippy I am sold.


  1. The lipstick has a lovely natural pink color! How long did the lip stick stay on until you would have to reapply it?

    Great post :)

    1. Thank you :) well it was three hours and then I had a tea and a snack, and it pretty much all came off... I tend to eat or drink every 2-3 hours, I think if you didn't it would stay longer ( or if you careful, drink through a straw, take super small bites, which I don't tend to be)

  2. What a pretty pink!!!! I am eyeing on this now.